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Yancy y Sus Amigos

Canta en español, o aprender español, con Yancy y Sus Amigos mientras cantan canciones, bailes, y tocar instrumentos para celebrar que Dios es bueno! Watch, cantar, gritar y tener una "pequeña fiesta Alabanza".

15 Episodes
Series Episodes
Me gusta i like to
Me Gusta (I Like To)
En Español: When we realize how much Jesus loves us it’s a good, good thing. This song...
Hosanna hosanna rock
Hosanna (Hosanna Rock)
En Español: A super fun praise song for year round to encourage “everybody to praise the...
Gritar shout
Gritar! (Shout!)
En Español: A great song about letting our love and dedication to Jesus be loud in our...
Padre abrahm father abraham
Padre Abrahám (Father Abraham)
En Español: An upbeat rockin' version of this traditional children's classic.
Uno dos tres one two three
Uno, Dos, Tres (One, Two, Three)
En Español: On day three Jesus rose from the grave. “One, Two, Three / Jesus is alive,”...
Si te sientes muy feliz if youre happy and you know it
Si Te Sientes Muy Feliz (If You're Happy and You Know It)
En Español: A fresh spin on the classic that allows kids to clap their hands, stomp their...
Dios es mi amigo my best friend
Dios Es Mi Amigo (My Best Friend)
En Español: A great song about Jesus that's easy for preschoolers to learn.
Amar unos a otros love one another
Amar Unos a Otros (Love One Another)
En Español: An uptempo song is about being kind to and loving one another.
Dios bueno es god is so good
Dios, Bueno Es (God is So Good)
En Español: This traditional worship song repeats "God is so good, God is so good, God is...
Nueva da brand new day
Nueva Día (Brand New Day)
En Español: This is the day the Lord has made - so let us be thankful and give praise for...
Fiesta de alabanza praise party
Fiesta de Alabanza (Praise Party)
En Español: This upbeat song is fun way to get preschoolers singing "God's been good to me.
Esta lucecita this little light of mine
Esta Lucecita (This Little Light of Mine)
En Español: An updated acoustic-based version of the children's classic. A new...
Ir go
Ir! (Go!)
En Español: A great song that helps kids understand the importance of missions and the...
Adios al temor bye bye bye
Adios Al Temor (Bye, Bye, Bye)
En Español: This midtempo song is all about saying “bye, bye, bye" to fear. We don't have...
Es navidad its christmastime
Es Navidad (It's Christmastime)
En Español: Kids will have fun singing along and experiencing the Christmas story in this...
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