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Whirl: Leo and Friends

Follow along with Leo and his fellow 5th-graders as they help each other deal with the problems of growing up!

80 Episodes
Series Episodes
Whirl leo v1 ep01 featured preview image
The Postcard
Mimi accidently hurts Leo’s feelings, sides are being taken, and there doesn’t seem to be...
Whirl leo v1 ep02 featured preview image
To get a pass to the greatest amusement park on earth, Ruby volunteers to clean the...
Whirl leo v1 ep03 featured preview image
World Skirting
Mimi, Ruby and Gabe are all excited to volunteer for Senior Citizen yard work. Until the...
Whirl leo v1 ep04 featured preview image
There’s a new kid in school, and Leo’s friends are terrified of him. Which is surprising,...
Whirl leo v1 ep05 featured preview image
Pizza Impasse
The kids face a monumental decision at the church’s Youth Lock-In. Will any of their...
Whirl leo v1 ep06 featured preview image
Party Supremacy
When the kids are asked to help with a Halloween Party for the littler kids, Ruby and...
Whirl leo v1 ep07 featured preview image
Tough Love
Ruby’s parents suddenly have a whole new set of “responsibilities” for her. What could...
Whirl leo v1 ep08 featured preview image
Canned Drive
When a canned food drive forces the kids onto opposing teams, Ruby and Gabe find...
Whirl leo v1 ep09 featured preview image
Crash Tractor
Chet is taking the kids on the Camping Crusaders’ overnight trip and will be teaching...
Whirl leo v1 ep10 featured preview image
What’s better than hide and seek? Extreme Hide and Seek! Until the game gets too extreme…
Whirl leo v1 ep11 featured preview image
Outcast Committee
The Church Welcome Committee is excited to make a new family in town feel welcome. But...
Whirl leo v1 ep12 featured preview image
Rugged Remorse
When Gabe inadvertently causes a terrible accident, there’s only one way to make amends:...
Whirl leo v1 ep13 featured preview image
Jaded to the World
The Advent season is supposed to be about hope, but for Leo, it just isn’t living up to...
Whirl leo v1 ep14 featured preview image
Leo’s latest invention can answer any question about the Bible, but winds up revealing...
Whirl leo v1 ep15 featured preview image
Being the new kid isn’t always easy, so Leo and the gang do their best to welcome Jamila....
Whirl leo v1 ep16 featured preview image
Word to the Bird
When a bird is trapped in the church, the kids spring into action to free it. But how can...
Whirl leo v1 ep17 featured preview image
Our Lot of Life
If the universe can be created from formless chaos, what can Leo and his friends create...
Whirl leo v1 ep18 featured preview image
A Little Help Here
Gabe looks to God to tell him what he can do to help the community. But will all these...
Whirl leo v1 ep19 featured preview image
Craft Crabs
For a Sunday school project, Ruby’s partner is not someone who would be her first choice....
Whirl leo v1 ep20 featured preview image
Safety Suit
When something terrible happens to his family, Gabe loses faith in humanity and withdraws...
Whirl leo v2 ep01 featured preview image
Gerbil Flu
When Burt “the Bully” comes down with the gerbil flu, the kids are even less inclined to...
Whirl leo v2 ep02 featured preview image
Marker Czar
When Roxie must stop being the head of the Arts and Crafts and Christ Club, someone new...
Whirl leo v2 ep03 featured preview image
Chester T. Goodtimes
Pastor Pete broke his promise to the kids about a field trip. Can any promises be...
Whirl leo v2 ep04 featured preview image
Leo has to speak in front of the entire congregation. But he knows where to turn for help...
Whirl leo v2 ep05 featured preview image
God Grade
It’s not easy to know how well someone is living by God’s rules. Fortunately, Ruby is...
Whirl leo v2 ep06 featured preview image
Wistful While You Work
Gabe thinks back to when he was a little kid, when everything was simple and awesome! Why...
Whirl leo v2 ep07 featured preview image
Mysterious Benecrafter
The Arts and Crafts and Christ Club is penniless and will have to end, unless a...
Whirl leo v2 ep08 featured preview image
Bowed Over
When he becomes friends with the coolest kid in school, Burt goes from being an outcast...
Whirl leo v2 ep09 featured preview image
Spring Griever
During Easter, Mimi looks back on some dear friends that are no longer with her. Can Gabe...
Whirl leo v2 ep10 featured preview image
The Carpool
Now that Gabe’s family has started a church carpool, they’ll be able to help the...
Whirl leo v2 ep11 featured preview image
Night of the Living Christ
Leo is filled with questions about Jesus' resurrection and knows there’s only one place...
Whirl leo v2 ep12 featured preview image
Mimi and Gabe try their hand at taking care of sheep. But being a good shepherd isn’t as...
Whirl leo v2 ep13 featured preview image
Tough Love
After his friend Burt dumps him for the coolest kid in school, Leo can’t see how to move...
Whirl leo v2 ep14 featured preview image
Trend or Friend
Now that he’s friends with the coolest kid in school, Burt has become incredibly popular....
Whirl leo v2 ep15 featured preview image
Miss Guided
When Eagle Eye Edwards (the coolest kid in school!) crashes their camping trip, the kids...
Whirl leo v2 ep16 featured preview image
Spirit Spirit
Mimi is really feeling like she feels the Holy Spirit. She’s ready to start performing...
Whirl leo v2 ep17 featured preview image
Not So Fun Facts
Honesty is the best policy, but Leo’s hard truths are causing real problems for his...
Whirl leo v2 ep18 featured preview image
Director Objector
With Chet directing the Harvest Festival Pageant this year instead of her, Roxy starts to...
Whirl leo v2 ep19 featured preview image
Why Pray Tell?
Ruby and Burt can’t understand why the other kids are praying so much. What’s the point,...
Whirl leo v2 ep20 featured preview image
Mess of Moxie
Roxy is determined to assist Chet as he directs the Harvest Festival Pageant, and Mimi is...
Whirl leo v3 ep01 featured preview image
Youthful Nuisance
Ruby and Gabe are giving a presentation to the entire congregation! If only they had some...
Whirl leo v3 ep02 featured preview image
Miss Bumpy
When Ruby learns the rule about the rich getting into the Kingdom of God, she must push...
Whirl leo v3 ep03 featured preview image
Classic Burt
When Burt gets upset, things get broken. So if Eagle Eye Edwards starts pushing his...
Whirl leo v3 ep04 featured preview image
Trauma Garage
Billy, the kid who stole from Gabe's family lives nearby and Gabe is going to take steps...
Whirl leo v3 ep05 featured preview image
Humble Pie
A new online app seems like the perfect way for Ruby and Gabe to show off how meek and...
Whirl leo v3 ep06 featured preview image
Camp Sappy Pines
When Camp Sappy Pines is in danger of shutting down, the kids have to do everything they...
Whirl leo v3 ep07 featured preview image
Coronation Quiz
At the big Bible Quiz Bowl, Leo, Mimi and Ruby find themselves going against a team that...
Whirl leo v3 ep08 featured preview image
Altar Audition
Gabe has a chance to join the Altar Guild! But can he pass the tests of such a cool and...
Whirl leo v3 ep09 featured preview image
The Biweekly Prophet
Who's going to have the unpleasant job of telling Ruby that her newsletter is hurting...
Whirl leo v3 ep10 featured preview image
As bad thing after bad thing happens to Burt, he's having a hard time staying positive....
Whirl leo v3 ep11 featured preview image
Bungled Baptism
Ruby and Gabe go to see members of their congregation baptized, and the stakes couldn't...
Whirl leo v3 ep12 featured preview image
Wedding Washout
Pastor Pete is getting married and the Whirl kids are ready to help. Even if one or two...
Whirl leo v3 ep13 featured preview image
Second First Church
The Whirl kids from First Second Church challenge the kids from Second First Church to a...
Whirl leo v3 ep14 featured preview image
Ambivalent Bot
Leo's robots try to get along in peace without him. But is that possible, with their...
Whirl leo v3 ep15 featured preview image
Far Gone Fishing
Gabe has a plan to invite his neighbor to join the church. But he's taking Jesus'...
Whirl leo v3 ep16 featured preview image
Archived Anxiety
When Leo makes a mistake that will hurt the church, there's only one solution: Time Travel!
Whirl leo v3 ep17 featured preview image
Ill Will Drills
Gabe’s neighbor, Billy, has every reason to be mad at him. Now that Billy’s the assistant...
Whirl leo v3 ep18 featured preview image
Call up the newspaper and TV station! Gabe has solved the Greatest Mystery of All!
Whirl leo v3 ep19 featured preview image
Shirtless Jack Joelson
When Gabe sees how Monty treats a rare and valuable baseball card, he considers taking it.
Whirl leo v3 ep20 featured preview image
Swab Problems
Gabe gets some disappointing news about his family. Can even Leo’s telescope cheer him up?
Whirl leo v4 ep01 featured preview image
Bell Tower Council
Gabe and Jamila find themselves in a tight spot once again. But this time, it doesn’t...
Whirl leo v4 ep02 featured preview image
Unfair Fair
After what Eagle Eye did at the Science Fair last year, there’s no way the judges would...
Whirl leo v4 ep03 featured preview image
Disposal Proposal
After Leo sees the church’s finances, he discovers a shocking truth. But it’s nothing...
Whirl leo v4 ep04 featured preview image
Conspiracy and Biscuits
Gabe has a radical conspiracy theory about the days before Jesus’ death. It’s so radical,...
Whirl leo v4 ep05 featured preview image
Ashen Easter
A tragedy in the congregation means that this could be the saddest Easter service ever....
Whirl leo v4 ep06 featured preview image
Big Question
Someone sneaks into Leo’s lab looking for answers to a big question. Possibly one of the...
Whirl leo v4 ep07 featured preview image
Oblivious Encounters
Gabe is tired of waiting to encounter God. It’s time to go where divine encounters happen!
Whirl leo v4 ep08 featured preview image
Transformation Irritation
The kids understand that God makes all things new. However, Ruby has some notes on how...
Whirl leo v4 ep09 featured preview image
Cliché Train
Gabe struggles to understand what the Trinity is, but his friends’ help doesn’t seem very...
Whirl leo v4 ep10 featured preview image
Senator Grandma
After Mimi and Monty’s family suffers a terrible loss, the kids aren’t sure what to say...
Whirl leo v4 ep11 featured preview image
Janitor Jerry
Some of the kids have received cool projects for their Community Outreach assignments....
Whirl leo v4 ep12 featured preview image
Holy Android
When Leo can’t find any signs of the Holy Spirit within him, he’s worried. But it shouldn’t
Whirl leo v4 ep13 featured preview image
Solar System of the Samurai
Gabe gets into a new video game. Now the question is, ‘Can he find his way back out?’
Whirl leo v4 ep14 featured preview image
Proper Prayer Patterns
When Leo’s class on proper prayer is interrupted by an old enemy’s plans for world...
Whirl leo v4 ep15 featured preview image
Cyber Cooties
The viruses on Mimi’s computer are out of control, and the Internet Video Club is going...
Whirl leo v4 ep16 featured preview image
Robot Bible Trivia
A friendly robot competition goes off the rails when an intimidating new contestant joins.
Whirl leo v4 ep17 featured preview image
Partial Recall
The kids remember how nervous they were the first time they met “Burt the Bully." But...
Whirl leo v4 ep18 featured preview image
Question Digression
The gang is studying for the Bible Quiz Bowl. But Leo has some different questions on his...
Whirl leo v4 ep19 featured preview image
Retake Day
It’s Picture Retake Day at school, but disaster is going to stop Mimi and Ruby from...
Whirl leo v4 ep20 featured preview image
A Coward's Courage
The blood drive is a great way to help others and Roxy can’t wait to do her part. If only...