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Whirl Christmas Adventures

These joy-filled Christmas Adventures feature Ada, Leo, and all of their friends! Together, they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values. Will Ruby get any presents for Christmas this year? Will Clara learn to forgive herself for her mistakes? Ada, Leo, and all the rest learn about patience, repentance, and so much more.

15 Episodes
Series Episodes
Instant Advent
The twenty five days of Advent are amazing. So doing all twenty five days’ worth of...
Phony Case
Ruby has big plans for what she’ll be getting for Christmas, but it seems her parents...
Clogged Conscience
When Clara is cast as Mary in the Christmas pageant, she doesn’t think she’s worthy....
Finding Jesus
The kids are excited about what they’ll get for Christmas, but presents will have to wait.
Mimi has volunteered for nursery duty, so she’ll be spending time with adorable, precious,
Waiting Pains
It’s three days after Christmas, and Clara’s family is still waiting to celebrate. Has...
Three King Conspiracy
Clara’s diorama of the Nativity has every detail from the classic Christmas scene! But,...
A Gift to a Gift
Jamila wants to find the perfect Christmas gift for her baby brother. But what do you get...
Magnificat: The Musical
Mimi knows exactly what this holiday season needs: A musical more fantastic than anything...
Nativity 2.0
Otto isn’t feeling very excited for this year’s holiday play. How can they make the show...
Christmas: A Disaster Story
Ruby goes overboard getting into her role of a shepherd for the holiday play. But why is...
Active Acres
Otto isn’t happy his family is having Christmas dinner at Uncle Lenny’s retirement home....
Minivan Fever
Ada’s family has their Christmas plans thrown off track. How are any of them supposed to...
A Very Jamila Christmas
Around Christmas, Jamila misses her homeland and the kids want to help. The fact that...
Robot New Years
Leo and his bots sit down to have a traditional Robot New Years. But teaching his...