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Whirl: Ada and Friends

Join Ada and her friends as they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values!

120 Episodes
Series Episodes
Whirl ada v1 ep01 preview image
Plentiful Pardons
With the appearance of a mysterious “forgiveness counter," Ada and Jax are about to find...
Whirl ada v1 ep02 preview image
Miffed Givings
The big Sunday School Attendance Party is at hand, and no one has better attendance than...
Whirl ada v1 ep03 preview image
Half Baked Sale
The superhero Fantasmo has signed up to do more for the church bake sale than any other...
Whirl ada v1 ep04 preview image
Pinata Kickball
An exciting new game is being played by the kids, but not everyone is welcome.
Whirl ada v1 ep05 preview image
After missing two weeks of church, Clara is convinced she’ll never catch up. Ashamed,...
Whirl ada v1 ep06 preview image
Offer Errings
At the church Halloween party, Victor comes up with a trick to get treats. All the treats!
Whirl ada v1 ep07 preview image
The Ultimate BFF
Otto has a new best friend, God. With such a big friend, will there enough room in his...
Whirl ada v1 ep08 preview image
Credit Crusade
Otto goes on a fixing frenzy to improve the church. But what’s the point in helping, if...
Whirl ada v1 ep09 preview image
Disastrous Delay
Will the kids be ready to welcome a very special guest who could arrive at any time? Not...
Whirl ada v1 ep10 preview image
Staged Fright
With their talent show already underway, Clara is doing everything she can to avoid going...
Whirl ada v1 ep11 preview image
Jesus Detector 2000
If serving others is serving Jesus, the kids realize it can only mean one thing: One of...
Whirl ada v1 ep12 preview image
Scissor Reign
Victor convinces Jax to take all the classroom scissors. For whoever controls the scissors,
Whirl ada v1 ep13 preview image
Mr. Fuzzler
Anyone in Sunday School would be thrilled to take care of the class hamster for the...
Whirl ada v1 ep14 preview image
Extra Ordinary
The kids form a super hero team, the likes of which the world has never seen. But being “su
Whirl ada v1 ep15 preview image
Cleaning Chaos
Cleaning Leo’s Lab is a big job, even if you have a plan. And the kids certainly don’t...
Whirl ada v1 ep16 preview image
Hampered Helper
Otto knows that God calls everyone to serve. But how can he serve if he’s too young to...
Whirl ada v1 ep17 preview image
Incredulous Intervention
Victor’s tricks are getting out of hand. The kids consider an intervention.
Whirl ada v1 ep18 preview image
Late Night News
The kids stay up late to watch something scary on TV. Is it a horror movie? Worse! It’s...
Whirl ada v1 ep19 preview image
Ada Outage
With Ada out sick, there is an Ada size hole in the lives of her friends. Can Monty help...
Whirl ada v1 ep20 preview image
Oh No
Just as life seems perfect for Ada and Otto, Leo gets some big news that will cause all...
Whirl ada v2 ep01 preview image
Promise Pains
When Otto makes a promise to his parents and Tot, he gets a crash course in just how...
Whirl ada v2 ep02 preview image
Fearful Leader
The community center needs a mural, and Ada is thrilled to be taking on the project and...
Whirl ada v2 ep03 preview image
Law Limbo
Victor has figured out a way to enjoy Sunday school without all those pesky rules. What...
Whirl ada v2 ep04 preview image
Why do things have to change as we grow older? Otto is determined to turn back the clock!
Whirl ada v2 ep05 preview image
Lent Lament
Getting into the spirit of Lent, Otto is on a roll for giving things up. But when he goes...
Whirl ada v2 ep06 preview image
Flagging Swagger
Otto is gung-ho on helping Ada handle a big problem. But the problem turns out to be much...
Whirl ada v2 ep07 preview image
Easter Objections
Ada and Otto are finally paying attention to the later part of the gospel, and they don’t...
Whirl ada v2 ep08 preview image
Play Partitions
When Otto assigns each toy in Sunday school to a kid, there’s no more confusion during...
Whirl ada v2 ep09 preview image
Fish 'n' Ambiguity
A church fish fry is a great place to get some yummy fish. And, if you’re Ada, it’s a...
Whirl ada v2 ep10 preview image
Shepherd Camp
When the kids learn that Jesus is called the Good Shepherd, it raises larger questions....
Whirl ada v2 ep11 preview image
Nazareth Now
Without a signed permission slip, Victor can’t go on the field trip to the most amazing...
Whirl ada v2 ep12 preview image
Jesus Inc.
Otto wants to work extra hard to impress his new boss. But Clara thinks he might be over...
Whirl ada v2 ep13 preview image
Matthias Mystery
A piece of precious church art has been destroyed, and there’s only one suspect. But can...
Whirl ada v2 ep14 preview image
Simple Spirit
How can Ada and her friends know the Holy Spirit is present if they can’t see it? And how...
Whirl ada v2 ep15 preview image
Robo Monty
The kids hear that something has happened to Monty! Something that has changed their...
Whirl ada v2 ep16 preview image
The Harvest Festival pageant is holding auditions, and Ada and her friends all think they...
Whirl ada v2 ep17 preview image
Winging A Prayer
The kids are determined to do anything and everything to make sure God hears their prayers.
Whirl ada v2 ep18 preview image
The Broom
Ada is excited to help with the kids’ part of next week’s service, but others are quick...
Whirl ada v2 ep19 preview image
Clara’s new toys from Japan are collectors’ items, but unfortunately they also look like...
Whirl ada v2 ep20 preview image
Extra Agitation
Victor thinks his part in the Harvest Pageant is a bit small. Being on stage is about...
Whirl ada v3 ep01 preview image
Blind Bind
Otto ends up being partnered with Fiona for the class field trip, but she’s going to need...
Whirl ada v3 ep02 preview image
Most, Most Important
Victor has found a mystery in the Bible that the kids might be able to answer. This can...
Whirl ada v3 ep03 preview image
Over Offering
Otto is excited to give to the church collection plate. But what's everyone else giving?
Whirl ada v3 ep04 preview image
Play Grounded
The kids love nothing more than spending the day at their playground. Which is why, when...
Whirl ada v3 ep05 preview image
Pomp and Circus Pants
The kids are excited to celebrate Christ the King Sunday with a festival fit for a king!...
Whirl ada v3 ep06 preview image
The Guild
Ada and Otto learn that there's a secret organization that decorates the church. An...
Whirl ada v3 ep07 preview image
A Loss on Prophets
When Victor becomes God's new prophet, he thinks everyone will have to do as he says. He...
Whirl ada v3 ep08 preview image
Frown Rebound
With sad changes happening to their family, Ada and Otto wonder if there is anything to...
Whirl ada v3 ep09 preview image
Sapped Juice
Pastor Pete is getting married, but the reception is already out of juice for the kids'...
Whirl ada v3 ep10 preview image
Victor Vision
When the other kids disagree with Victor, he wishes everyone was more like him. What a...
Whirl ada v3 ep11 preview image
Jeremiah Sunday
Ada is picked to give a presentation to the whole church about Jeremiah. But she's not...
Whirl ada v3 ep12 preview image
Candy Clouds
Victor and Monty go fishing for the day. The bait is a little unusual, but what they're...
Whirl ada v3 ep13 preview image
A Tree in Need
Otto wants to grow the awesome-est tree ever! But none of the special fertilizer, sun...
Whirl ada v3 ep14 preview image
Clash of the Clergy
When grown-ups start arguing at church, the Whirl kids don't know what to do. Are grown-ups
Whirl ada v3 ep15 preview image
The Transfigurer
A trip to Nazareth Now Bible Theme Park gives Victor a chance to ride the roller coaster...
Whirl ada v3 ep16 preview image
Promise Breakers
For Lent, each of the kids promised to give something up for God. But what sort of...
Whirl ada v3 ep17 preview image
Relative Chaos
Victor has big plans for what he wants to do when Sunday School has a substitute teacher....
Whirl ada v3 ep18 preview image
Lunch Crunch
It’s lunch time for the Jr. Camping Crusaders, but Ada has forgotten something. The most...
Whirl ada v3 ep19 preview image
Wish Woe
Ada and Otto have very different plans for what to do with their allowances. One plan is...
Whirl ada v3 ep20 preview image
Questionable Gesture
Roxy has her work cut out for her when she tries to tell the kids the story of Mary...
Whirl ada v4 ep01 preview image
Upsetting Menu
When Clara learns the story behind Communion, she’s (more) terrified (than usual). Is...
Whirl ada v4 ep02 preview image
Risen Rally
Jesus is risen and Otto is spreading the good news. But it’s not getting the reaction he...
Whirl ada v4 ep03 preview image
Grand Canvas
For arts and crafts, the kids try to imagine something unimaginable, and then draw it....
Whirl ada v4 ep04 preview image
Mischief Sunday
It’s Mischief Sunday, the day Victor is extra naughty. While most of the kids just want...
Whirl ada v4 ep05 preview image
Zombie Flowers
Ada and Clara are helping plant new flowers in the community garden, but the details of...
Whirl ada v4 ep06 preview image
Three Tier Conspiracy
What exactly is the Trinity? And how is Otto supposed to figure it out, if they keep...
Whirl ada v4 ep07 preview image
Praise Cage
Victor’s tricks can get him into unexpected trouble. But this latest misadventure might...
Whirl ada v4 ep08 preview image
Birthday Building
It’s a very special birthday, and Otto and Clara want to give a very special gift. But...
Whirl ada v4 ep09 preview image
Mr. Leader Otto
When Otto stumbles into the role of leader for the church camping trip, he’s excited....
Whirl ada v4 ep10 preview image
Sneaky Keys
The kids are excited for a day at the fair. But the loss of something very important...
Whirl ada v4 ep11 preview image
Prayer Patrol
When kids aren’t praying the “proper way," there’s only one group who can help: The...
Whirl ada v4 ep12 preview image
The One Kickball
The kids find out that kickball is difficult without a ball. If only they had a ball as...
Whirl ada v4 ep13 preview image
Mummy or Monty?
There’s something different about Monty today. More different than usual. Will he ever be...
Whirl ada v4 ep14 preview image
No Hymns for Gym
Ada turns to God in her hour of need. That hour is Gym Class.
Whirl ada v4 ep15 preview image
Bizarre Star
The kids all wonder who is worthy to be the Star of the Week at school. How does one even...
Whirl ada v4 ep16 preview image
Mondo the Amazing
Mondo the Amazing, everyone’s favorite illusionist, is performing at the church and...
Whirl ada v4 ep17 preview image
Sad You See
The kids try to answer some of Victor’s extra tricky questions. But why is he asking them?
Whirl ada v4 ep18 preview image
Idle Vision
Victor shows Ada how to make church events way more enjoyable. More enjoyable for...
Whirl ada v4 ep19 preview image
Charitable Caper
Victor sets about building his own business empire, in what is easily his sweetest scheme...
Whirl ada v4 ep20 preview image
Weird Welcome
Ada and her friends may be a little unusual, but that’s nothing compared to Bekah, the “str
Ada v5 ep01 crayon catastrophe
Crayon Catastrophe
The best art supplies make for the best art projects. But how far will Ada and Otto take...
Ada v5 ep02 toledo jack
Toledo Jack
Victor doesn't like the idea of new people coming to his church, but that might change,...
Ada v5 ep03 advent overnight
Advent Oversight
The kids are almost prepared for their Christmas celebration. There's only one thing that's
Ada v5 ep04 nix naming
Nix Naming
Victor has a habit that gets on everyone's nerves, but they've never said anything about...
Ada v5 ep05 the ultimate nativity
The Ultimate Nativity
Ada is leading the construction of the greatest Nativity scene ever. It just needs a few...
Ada v5 ep06 danger dodge
Danger Dodge
The kids are working on projects about "Great Escape Stories" from the Bible. Although,...
Ada v5 ep07 flower petals
Flower Petals
The newspaper is doing a feature on the very best dogs in town. But who decides which...
Ada v5 ep08 the temple of mystery
The Temple Of Mystery
To find the answers they seek, the kids set out on an epic quest to the ends of the Earth!
Ada v5 ep09 50 foot jesus
50 Foot Jesus
The kids are ready to follow Jesus! However, Jesus has a head start, so He might be...
Ada v5 ep10 no onions
No Onions
The kids face their greatest challenge yet. Friendships are tested. Divisions formed....
Ada v5 ep11 drifting sermon
Drifting Sermon
Otto is practicing for his part in the Sermon on the Mount. He's warmed up and ready to...
Ada v5 ep12 rib fest
Rib Fest
Rib Fest is everything Jax loves: A party with delicious ribs! So why is he so sad? And...
Ada v5 ep13 choco chocolate swirl bites
Choco Chocolate Swirl Bites
Clara's rebellious, rule-breaking ways have finally gone too far! In her own opinion,...
Ada v5 ep14 dodgeball justice
Dodgeball Justice
After a disagreement with Clara, Otto is looking forward to some payback. As they say, "Rev
Ada v5 ep15 creek treatment
Creek Treatment
Bad news keeps piling up in Ada's life recently. Now she can't stop worrying about when...
Ada v5 ep16 glorious indoors
Glorious Indoors
The Covenant Campers are going to see God's glory first hand! But why does it involve so...
Ada v6 ep01 repercussions
Reptile Repercussions
Ada is ready to have a blast on her school’s field trip to the zoo, but her assigned...
Ada v6 ep02 eternity forever
Eternity Forever
The First Second Church grade schoolers attempt to define eternity in a three-minute...
Ada v6 ep03 myrtle
After interviewing different members of their church, the kids discover some shocking...
Ada v6 ep04 anointing ploy
Anointing Ploy
The Bishop is visiting First Second Church and walking directly into one of Victor’s most...
Ada v6 ep05 handkerchief holdout
Handkerchief Holdout
The kids are grieving over the loss of their class gerbil, Hannibal Hamster, except for...
Ada v6 ep06 hosanna
Mimi gets in over her head as she attempts to tell the entire story of Holy Week as a...
Ada v6 ep07 christian grilling
Christian Grilling
Clara is feeling completely unqualified to answer a barrage of questions about her church.
Ada v6 ep08 any questions
Any Questions
Ada wants to ask Pastor Donna some questions about her sermon. And Victor is determined...
Ada v6 ep09 nearsighted disciples
Nearsighted Disciples
Victor and the other kids wrestle with some significant plot holes in a cryptic Bible...
Ada v6 ep10 bye bye
Tot’s curiosity over Leo’s latest invention leaves her completely alone and hopelessly...
Ada v6 ep11 the jesus stone
The Jesus Stone
Someone has taken the corner stone of the church. The kids attempt to solve the mystery...
Ada v6 ep12 holly spirio
Holly Spirio
The kids have a substitute Sunday School teacher who seems just a little too wonderful.
Ada v6 ep13 sewn up sunday
Sewn-Up Sunday
The Sunday School class has just finished the last Bible story about Jesus. Victor and...
Ada v6 ep14 tractorsaurus rex
Tractorsaurus Rex
The younger kids bring Sunday School to a standstill with their protests over the older...
Ada v7 ep01 grace basket
Grace Basket
Victor claims that littering the river with his unwanted belongings is supported by the...
Ada v7 ep02 let my monty go
Let My Monty Go!
Monty follows a sports disc into the yard of a neighbor who takes the idea of Finders-Keepe
Ada v7 ep03 moses in training
Moses In Training
On a hot summer day, Otto tries to replicate the miracles of Moses to beat the heat and a...
Ada v7 ep04 debatable directions
Debatable Directions
Otto and Ada accidentally disable a much-needed piece of equipment. But Leo’s...
Ada v7 ep05 jungle gym
SS Jungle Gym
After putting some playground equipment into orbit Otto must face the consequences. And...
Ada v7 ep06 echo bear
Echo Bear
A new hall monitor at school is on a power trip and it seems no one can stop him. Good...
Ada v7 ep07 nature no show
Nature No-Show
Chet accidentally leads the Jr. Covenant Campers on a wilderness hike in the middle of a...
Ada v7 ep08 faith floats
Faith Floats
All the kids are excited to try back floats on their own at swimming lessons, except for...
Ada v7 ep09 distraction sandwich
Distraction Sandwich
Ada needs Otto to stay on task making sandwiches for their huge family reunion, but the...
Ada v7 ep10 futile fundraiser
Futile Fundraiser
Ada and Otto set out to end world hunger. Not just help end it, end it.
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