The finders warehouse 110
The Finders: Warehouse 110
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A mysterious delivery sends the Finders into the dark rooms of Warehouse 110, a property that is steeped in history and comes with legends of a treasure and it's very own pirate... Read More
Runtime: 07m 46s
An unexpected delivery
An Unexpected Delivery - 1 of 7
While Dr. Oldman is away, Zack gets a strange delivery. He leads the gang to Warehouse 110 to search for the deed.
Runtime: 07m 46s
Crossbones inc
Crossbones, Inc. - 2 of 7
The Finders meet Mr. Badden and the shifty crew of Crossbones, Inc.
Runtime: 07m 46s
The pirate ghost
The Pirate Ghost - 3 of 7
The Finders struggle to work together and scramble to avoid a ghostly pirate in the Warehouse.
Runtime: 06m 47s
The secret room
The Secret Room - 4 of 7
While the team continues to fall apart, Caleb and Rosie accidentally discover the Secret Room.
Runtime: 07m 24s
The deed
The Deed - 5 of 7
The Finders work together to find the deed, only to be confronted by Mr. Badden and his henchmen.
Runtime: 07m 18s
The pirate code
The Pirate Code - 6 of 7
The Finders outsmart Mr. Badden's henchmen and learn the true identity of the pirate ghost.
Runtime: 06m 50s
Taking the treasure
Taking the Treasure - 7 of 7
The Finders set a trap for Crossbones, Inc, recover the deed, and take the treasure.
Runtime: 09m 22s