The finders 3 the mask of monodios
The Find3rs: The Mask of Monodios
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After receiving a cryptic cry for help, The Finders must hurry to help Dani, but the mystery which awaits them is not what they expected. In a case of historic proportions, The... Read More
Runtime: 08m 06s
The mask of monodios
The Mask of Monodios - 1 of 6
The Finders find Dani and learn about The Mask of Monodios exhibit.
Runtime: 08m 06s
Preparation - 2 of 6
The Finders meet Dr. Oliver and Red Cameron and get the museum ready for the big event.
Runtime: 06m 06s
Chaos - 3 of 6
On the night of the big event, the Mask of Monodios goes missing!
Runtime: 11m 52s
Gloves - 4 of 6
Hannah, Caleb and Zack gather evidence that points to Red.
Runtime: 09m 10s
Motive - 5 of 6
The Finders observe tension between the archaeologists and confront Hyden.
Runtime: 06m 45s
Things arent always as they seem
Things Aren't Always As They Seem - 6 of 6
At their wits' end, The Finders near defeat... until Dani puts all the pieces together.
Runtime: 10m 24s