The amazing bible series
The Amazing Bible
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The Amazing Bible series teaches the Bible in a unique and fun way. Join delightful characters like Doc Dickory, Dewey Decimole, Rikki and Revver as they introduce the authors and... Read More
Runtime: 24m 33s
The amazing book
The Amazing Book - 1 of 3
The Amazing Book presents a captivating way to teach children about the world's best-selling book, the Bible.
Runtime: 24m 33s
The amazing children
The Amazing Children - 2 of 3
Doc Dickory and Dewey bring the children of the Bible to life through story and song.
Runtime: 25m 54s
The amazing miracles
The Amazing Miracles - 3 of 3
Doc, Rikki, and friends find themselves in cat-astrophic trouble when they wake up Giant Cat out of his Catnap.
Runtime: 25m 54s