The adventures of carlos caterpillar
The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar
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(Contains some Spanish) Carlos, an ever-curious bilingual caterpillar often finds himself in one predicament after another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime... Read More
Runtime: 20m 26s
Colossal tales
Colossal Tales - 1 of 12
A new student spells competitive trouble for Carlos and Sluggy and catapults our hero into a tangled web of deception and lies.
Runtime: 20m 26s
No prize surprize
No Prize Surprize - 2 of 12
This episode teaches children to appreciate their blessings regardless of how much or how little they have.
Runtime: 23m 07s
Buggy bigbucks
Buggy Bigbucks - 3 of 12
After finding a lottery ticket, Carlos is catapulted into a life of riches-- or his he? Carlos comes to learn that being liked by others has little do do with money.
Runtime: 25m 42s
Bug a boo
Bug-A-Boo - 4 of 12
A fun school camping trip takes a twist after a series of scary movies set the imagination of the bugs awhirl. Suddenly the fun adventure doesn’t seem so fun after all.
Runtime: 23m 38s
Buggy breakup
Buggy Breakup - 5 of 12
The bugs begin working on a school float together, but things go awry when Sluggy makes it competitive.
Runtime: 24m 34s
Royal trouble
Royal Trouble - 6 of 12
Carlos and Sluggy compete for a coveted role in the school play, turning a fun production into an unexpected and comical royal feud.
Runtime: 22m 23s
Topsy turvy
Topsy-Turvy - 7 of 12
The town's residents shirk their responsibilities to pursue music careers, professional leapfrogging and martial arts... leaving Carlos to face a near-disaster alone.
Runtime: 23m 42s
Ultrabug! - 8 of 12
This episode teaches the importance of being considerate and heroic in everyday situations.
Runtime: 24m 29s
Litterbug - 9 of 12
This episode teaches children to care for their environment and surroundings.
Runtime: 25m 20s
Batter chatter
Batter Chatter - 10 of 12
This episode teaches children the negative results of assuming the worst and the dangers of gossip.
Runtime: 24m 49s
Cheater critters
Cheater Critters - 11 of 12
This episode teaches about the negative consequences of cheating and the benefit of good study and work habits.
Runtime: 23m 16s
Bugs away
Bugs Away - 12 of 12
An exciting sailboat race is about to take place at the Mogan Fair and Carlos Caterpillar and his uncle Pedro have their eye on the prize.
Runtime: 25m 56s