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These delightfully illustrated short stories teach truths and stories of Jesus or the Apostle Paul in a fun way!
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The old dragon
The Old Dragon - 1 of 12
The benefits of having guidelines become clear.
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Moonlight - 2 of 12
We all have gifts we can share.
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Beetle - 3 of 12
You can't judge a book by its cover.
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The bells
The Bells - 4 of 12
Everyone of us can make a difference when we work together.
Runtime: 09m 44s
Lanterns - 5 of 12
We should let our lights shine so that other people will see the good things we do and give thianks to God for them.
Runtime: 07m 10s
Teamwork - 6 of 12
Although our contribution may be very different to someone else's, but it's just as important.
Runtime: 09m 47s
The starfish
The Starfish - 7 of 12
There are many needy people in the world and we can't help them all. But if we can just do our little bit to help just a few, then we could be making more difference than we could... Read More
Runtime: 09m 22s
Feathers - 8 of 12
One of the problems with gossiping is that sometimes the things we say are exaggerated and if what we're saying isn't entirely true it can cause real upset and hurt to others. We... Read More
Runtime: 09m 25s
Harbor lights
Harbor Lights - 9 of 12
We trust our family and our teachers and other people too like, doctors and policemen-- but we can't always trust people we don't know. We have to be very careful. One safe rule... Read More
Runtime: 09m 34s
The eagle who wouldnt fly
The Eagle Who Wouldn't Fly - 10 of 12
A refuge is a safe place to be and if God's arms are always beneath us like Baby Eagle's father was right underneath him, how wonderful. He will always be there to help and... Read More
Runtime: 10m 21s
Bringing out the best
Bringing Out the Best - 11 of 12
We need to see the best in other people and encourage others to see that too.
Runtime: 08m 19s
The painting
The Painting - 12 of 12
When we read about Jesus' miracles, we might realize what His kingdom will be like and how perfect it will be.
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