Stevies trek to the holy land
Stevie's Trek to the Holy Land
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Join Stevie on his adventures to the Holy Land where he walks through the actual places where Biblical events took place!
Runtime: 27m 09s
Abrahams promise
Abraham's Promise - 1 of 8
On this trek, Stevie explores the land where it all happened! Have you ever wondered how big the Sea of Galilee really is, or how hard it would be to climb Mt. Sinai? Have you... Read More
Runtime: 27m 09s
Miracle of moses
Miracle of Moses - 2 of 8
Join Stevie as he continues his trek across the land of the Bible! On this trek, Stevie is going to discover the many miracles God performed in the life of Moses as He continued... Read More
Runtime: 27m 38s
The throne of david
The Throne of David - 3 of 8
Join our expedition through the ancient land of Israel, the battle for the new king, and discover how God uses one family to keep a promise designed for the whole world!
Runtime: 31m 26s
The carpenters son
The Carpenter's Son - 4 of 8
Stevie is going to explore the reign of King Herod in search of the answer to the question, who is the real Messiah?
Runtime: 26m 05s
Messiahs promise
Messiah's Promise - 5 of 8
Uncover the life and ministry of the Messiah and join Stevie as he discovers how God uses one man to keep a promise designed for the whole world!
Runtime: 31m 26s
India revealed
India Revealed - 6 of 8
Join Stevie Pettit and his friends as they tour through this magical land on a 5-day missions trip.
Runtime: 32m 01s
Peru unearthed
Peru Unearthed - 7 of 8
Join Stevie and his friends as they trek through this wondrous land on a life-changing missions trip.
Runtime: 43m 03s
Zambia unleashed
Zambia Unleashed - 8 of 8
Join Stevie on his trek to Zambia and discover more about the body of Christ that flows around the world.
Runtime: 47m 20s