Silly songs
Silly Songs
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Sing-a-long with Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales!
Runtime: 04m 12s
Silly songs bellybutton preview image
BellyButton - 1 of 6
Join Larry, Jimmy Gourd, Mr. Lunt, and Junior as they sing their classic hit, BellyButton!
Runtime: 04m 12s
Where have all the staplers gone
Where Have All The Staplers Gone? - 2 of 6
Join Larry and Petunia as they sing the obscure broadway show tune, Where Have All the Staplers Gone?
Runtime: 03m 29s
Silly songs hairbrush featured preview image
The Hairbrush Song - 3 of 6
Join Larry as he sings his classic hit, The Hairbrush Song!
Runtime: 03m 03s
Sippy cup
Sippy Cup - 4 of 6
Join Larry as he dines out and sings about the dreaded Sippy Cup!
Runtime: 03m 12s
Lance the turtle
Lance the Turtle - 5 of 6
Join Bob in a last minute shuffle to sing about Lance the Turtle!
Runtime: 03m 28s
Silly songs pants preview image
Pants - 6 of 6
Join Larry as he sings a Silly Song all about pants - get them while they last!
Runtime: 01m 57s