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Learn what real love is in these shows on JellyTelly!
Runtime: 05m 26s
The rule of love   galaxy buck
The Rule of Love - Galaxy Buck - 1 of 14
In this clip from Galaxy Buck, Buck learns what the Rule of Love is from his new friend.
Runtime: 05m 26s
Love one another   yancy and friends
Love One Another - Yancy and Friends - 2 of 14
This uptempo song is about being kind to and loving one another. This truth is valuable in every person’s life; here’s a great way for kids to learn the importance of loving others. Read More
Runtime: 02m 44s
Giving love away   jovis bon hovis
Giving Love Away - Jovis Bon Hovis - 3 of 14
In this lovely episode, Jovis Bon-Hovis discovers that however much love he gives away to his Creation Crew friends, he always seems to have plenty left over. In fact... is it... Read More
Runtime: 32m 24s
Love   character builders
Love - Character Builders - 4 of 14
Stevie, Nancy, and The Conductor learn about loving one another.
Runtime: 11m 18s
God is love   clive  ians wonder blimp of knowledge
God is Love - Clive & Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge - 5 of 14
Buck Denver looks to Clive and Ian's Wonderblimp of Knowledge to answer some tough questions! In this episode, Alexander asks Buck if God loves him even though he does bad things... Read More
Runtime: 06m 42s
Love   values with clive  ian
Love - Values with Clive & Ian - 6 of 14
Clive and Ian talk about values. In this episode they talk about the importance of love!
Runtime: 01m 40s
Blitz love is action   kidmo
Blitz: Love is Action - Kidmo - 7 of 14
We obey the Ten Commandments when we love God and love others. Love is shown by our actions. One way we show others we care about them is by making the block! Making the block... Read More
Runtime: 12m 01s
I am god is loving   kidmo
I am: God is Loving - Kidmo - 8 of 14
God is a loving God, and He loves you very much! With God in us, His love can flow through our lives and make a world changing difference in the lives of those around us. God has... Read More
Runtime: 12m 34s
I have the power to love   adventures of sam e sprocket
I Have the Power to Love - Adventures of Sam E Sprocket - 9 of 14
Sam E. Sprocket collects red fuel stars, which are powered by love.
Runtime: 08m 19s
For god so loved the world   the rizers
For God So Loved the World - The Rizers - 10 of 14
The Rizers sing about John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life."
Runtime: 02m 45s
Sharing wheels of love   the slug and ant show
Sharing Wheels of Love - The Slug and Ant Show - 11 of 14
Slug and Ant are best friends sharing God's love. In this episode, they learn a valuable lesson about sharing with others.
Runtime: 10m 02s
Love thy neighbor   theo presents
Love Thy Neighbor - Theo Presents - 12 of 14
Luther and Belfry are happily enjoying their lunch when they are surprised by a food thief–– a mangy river rat named R.W. Wigglesworth, Esq. The mice don’t like river rats because... Read More
Runtime: 10m 09s
Your love is   ekidz worship
Your Love Is - eKidz Worship - 13 of 14
Sing and worship along with the eKidz Worship band about God's love!
Runtime: 03m 31s
The girl no one wanted   jesus storybook bible
The Girl No One Wanted - Jesus Storybook Bible - 14 of 14
Experience the story of Leah and God’s never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever Love.
Runtime: 05m 12s