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Paws and Tales
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From building their own clubhouse to competing in the school spelling bee, every day is a fun-filled adventure for friends C.J., Staci, Ned, Gooz and Marsha in the vibrant... Read More
Runtime: 21m 58s
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The Good Shepherd - 1 of 26
C.J. and Ned become shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? When wolves plan an attack, C.J. and Ned learn first hand that a shepherd's job is not as easy as it seems.... Read More
Runtime: 21m 58s
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A Good Foundation - 2 of 26
C.J. and Staci set out to build a clubhouse, but they build it in an old, rotten tree. Discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a godly life. Lesson: A firm... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
Miss helga grissel
Miss Helga Grissel - 3 of 26
Staci can hardly believe what a rude reception she receives from Miss Grissel. After all, she was only trying to welcome her to Wildwood. With Miss Harbor's help, Staci... Read More
Runtime: 22m 04s
Paws tales ep 03 jt lih featured preview image
Grace to Hugh - 4 of 26
C.J. discovers a clue that unlocks the mystery of who set fire to the Collins mansion. Now Mrs. Collins must figure out how the culprit should be punished. Find out how showing a... Read More
Runtime: 21m 53s
Tooth be known
Tooth Be Known - 5 of 26
Miss Harbor's new play opens in just a few days, but its star is sick... or is he? Staci and Marsha do their best to cure C.J., but his real problem is fear. Will he find a remedy... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
High noon
High Noon - 6 of 26
The town bully, Hugh McClaw, warns the Club that his cousin Joey is coming to town... and that the two of them are planning to make trouble. They even threaten to take over the... Read More
Runtime: 22m 00s
The princess
The Princess - 7 of 26
Staci wishes she could help others in need. She learns that as a follower of Jesus, she can make a difference in ways beyond her imagination. Lesson: Prayer and rejoicing (2 Cor. 6: Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
Cj prospers
C.J. Prospers - 8 of 26
It’s a battle between “haves” and “have-nots” as C.J. learns how to rejoice with others-- whether they have lots of money or no money at all. Lesson: Prayer and rejoicing (Rom. 12:1 Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
Stacis dilemma
Staci's Dilemma - 9 of 26
Staci believes she can identify the culprit of a general store robbery, but a mysterious visitor warns her to keep her mouth shut. Meanwhile, C.J. discovers that receiving God’s... Read More
Runtime: 22m 03s
The honey buzz principle
The Honey Buzz Principle - 10 of 26
After discovering a beehive full of the world's best honey, C.J. goes into business... and finds that he doesn't have time for anyone or anything that doesn't make... Read More
Runtime: 21m 58s
Snake oil man
Snake Oil Man - 11 of 26
A slick traveling salesman promises to teach C.J. the secrets of success and fame. Lesson: Following God (John 8:31-32).
Runtime: 22m 01s
Eye of the tiger
Eye of the Tiger - 12 of 26
Marsha goes head to head in a spelling bee with Tiffany. When Tiffany shows her true colors during the contest, Marsha must decide if it’s really worth winning at any cost. Lesson: Read More
Runtime: 22m 00s
Correction course
Correction Course - 13 of 26
The Club learns that misbehavior can lead to dangerous consequences. Lesson: Pleasing and Obeying God (Prov. 10:17).
Runtime: 22m 01s
Whose name is jealous
Whose Name Is Jealous - 14 of 26
Gooz finds a “lucky” penny, soon and the Cavalry baseball team is on a roll. Is the penny just harmless fun, or is it taking focus away from playing to please God? Lesson:... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
Every good thing
Every Good Thing - 15 of 26
During the school gift exchange, Miss Harbor challenges her class not only to appreciate their gifts, but also to spend time being thankful for the giver. Through her challenge,... Read More
Runtime: 22m 04s
True riches
True Riches - 16 of 26
When gifts begin appearing mysteriously on doorsteps all over Wildwood, Ned and Tiffany join forces to uncover the identity of the "christmas gift-giving bandit." What... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
A race against time
A Race Against Time - 17 of 26
C.J. and Staci have to finish an important list of errands for Paw Paw Chuck by the end of the day. When they're almost done, they find an injured skunk in need of aid. Will C.J.... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
The hire principle
The Hire Principle - 18 of 26
When it appears that Tiffany can fire anyone who works for her father, she forces all of Mr. Rockler's employees to become her personal servants-- or else! C.J. decides Tiffany... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
To have and give not
To Have and Give Not - 19 of 26
After finding a treasure of pirate coins, Gooz must decide how to handle her newfound wealth. Meanwhile, Staci and the Club are at odds on how to spend their club dues. Lesson:... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
And then there were none
And Then There Were None - 20 of 26
After a lesson about King Arthur, the Club decides they should establish some rules of conduct (just like Arthur and his knights.) Instead of bringing peace, the rules threaten to... Read More
Runtime: 22m 02s
Tiffany cometh
Tiffany Cometh - 21 of 26
Wildwood's newest and richest student causes problems when she doesn’t follow the rules at school. Lesson: Playing by the rules (1 Samuel 13:23).
Runtime: 22m 02s
The tribe
The Tribe - 22 of 26
C.J. attempts to make peace between the Club and Hugh, the school bully. Lesson: Playing by the rules (Proverbs 21:21).
Runtime: 22m 03s
Hullabaloo on hunker hill
Hullabaloo on Hunker Hill - 23 of 26
Hugh brags that his soapbox derby car is the fastest; he dares Staci to drive it and see. Never one to back away from a challenge, Staci takes the car out for a spin... a spin... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
The great go cart race
The Great Go-Cart Race - 24 of 26
The big go-cart race is coming up, and everyone has their own idea for the best way to grab the big prize. When they can't agree to collaborate, the Club discovers just how... Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s
The gift
The Gift - 25 of 26
C.J. and Ned alert the police after they witness Hugh and his gang commit a crime. Hugh finds out who turned him in, and he becomes hungry for revenge. In his weakest moment, C.J.... Read More
Runtime: 22m 00s
Grow your gifts
Grow Your Gifts - 26 of 26
C.J. and Gooz try (in their own way) to use the gifts that God has given them. After meeting some unexpected failures, they both give up and vow never to use their gifts again! C.J. Read More
Runtime: 22m 01s