Pahappahooey island
Pahappahooey Island
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After rescuing Pahappahooey Island from a terrible storm and discovering the island's greatest treasure, Ali and her island friends embark on a series of wacky new adventures!
Runtime: 28m 31s
The road to adventure
The Road to Adventure - 1 of 13
Once an enchanting paradise, darker times have overtaken Pahappahooey Island, and a storm threatens to destroy it. The only hope is a legendary and ancient lost Book. With a call... Read More
Runtime: 28m 31s
The lost city
The Lost City - 2 of 13
In The Lost City, Ali and the crew of the Tootie Marie discover the ancient wisdom of the Creator. With the storm growing stronger, the Book's wisdom is the only thing that can... Read More
Runtime: 28m 32s
The secret of the book
The Secret of the Book - 3 of 13
In The Secret of the Book, Ali and her friends set out on a new mission in search of the Great Commission and to deliver the wisdom of the Book to the Elders. Little do they know... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
Millards big fish story
Millard's Big Fish Story - 4 of 13
Trouble brews as Millard takes the Tootie Marie in search of treasure instead of fulfilling "The Great Commission." Meanwhile, Hacksaw and Giuseppe quarrel over a destructive... Read More
Runtime: 28m 32s
Hide it in your heart
Hide It In Your Heart - 5 of 13
Certain precious belongings of Ali, Fernando and Giuseppe seem to be lost or have disappeared. Most importantly, the tablets with the Creator’s words are nowhere to be found. Only... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
Im not afraid of the dark
I'm Not Afraid of the Dark - 6 of 13
As the gang sets out on a camping trip they soon fear that someone, or some thing, is following close behind. Could it be the fabled “ravioli eating Sasquatch?" When Ali and... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
The good island samaritan
The Good Island Samaritan - 7 of 13
On his way to deliver an extra stinky cheese pizza, Giuseppe is robbed by two monkey bandits. When Captain Hobbs and Millard find him, they simply walk on by. It’s only when the... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
Bitter tess
Bitter Tess - 8 of 13
When the evil Ichabone Slink and his silly sidekick Flinch launch their latest and greatest weapon, Hacksaw finds himself in a thorny situation with Tess, a fast-growing, jazz-singi Read More
Runtime: 28m 32s
Super millard
Super Millard - 9 of 13
As an accident prone penguin from the North Pole, Millard has never really felt like he fits in with the gang on Pahappahooey Island. Just when he starts to feel really low,... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
The unmerciful kitchen croc
The Unmerciful Kitchen Croc - 10 of 13
When the Island Elders graciously forgive the culinary crocodile Giuseppe for making them 100 horrible pizzas from pancakes and glue, he simply couldn’t be happier. The gang isn’t... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
A bunch of hooey
A Bunch of Hooey - 11 of 13
When the hungry Captain Hobbs uses a robotic flipper to get a hard to reach snack, disaster strikes and he accidentally ruins Giuseppe’s brand new café sign. Instead of admitting... Read More
Runtime: 28m 33s
The banana bowling bonanza
The Banana Bowling Bonanza - 12 of 13
Hacksaw will do anything to win this year’s partner bowling tournament. When his new partner-- the fuzzy, villainous Flinch, disguised as a cowboy-- convinces Hacksaw to rig the... Read More
Runtime: 28m 32s
A pahappahooey christmas
A Pahappahooey Christmas - 13 of 13
Ali rallies the Island gang to produce the most spectacular Christmas show ever. Unfortunately, everyone thinks their part is the most important of the show… and the season. When... Read More
Runtime: 29m 02s