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One Minute Sports Clinic

Learn the fundamentals of football, basketball, soccer and cheerleading and some lessons on life and faith from the experts at Upward Sports!

43 Episodes
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Omsc football 01
Football: Catching (Part 1)
In order for you to be a great receiver, you must learn the proper technique for catching...
Football catching part 2
Football: Catching (Part 2)
In our last video, we introduced the skill of catching and how to catch a football when...
Football catching part 3
Football: Catching (Part 3)
One last thing to look at with catching the football is for deep passes that are over the...
Football gripping
Football: Gripping
Before you ever think about throwing a football, you must first learn how to grip it....
Football passing making the throw
Football: Passing (Making the Throw)
In order for a quarterback to be effective, he or she must first learn the foundation of...
Football passing dropping back
Football: Passing (Dropping Back)
For quarterbacks, learning how to drop back properly is important. As a quarterback, you...
Football route running
Football: Route Running
With the proper technique for catching the ball established, we can look at running good...
Football speed and agility
Football: Speed and Agility
Speed and agility drills will help you on offense and defense. Now we all know that not...
Football backpedaling
Football: Backpedaling
In order to play effective defense, all players must learn how to backpedal. Backpedaling...
Football one on one
Football: One-On-One
The best way to put backpedaling into practice is line up with a receiver and work on...
Soccer juggling level 1
Soccer: Juggling (Level 1)
Juggling is keeping the ball in the air using different parts of the body. You can use...
Soccer juggling level 2
Soccer: Juggling (Level 2)
After learning a new way to juggle the ball, combine it with other moves to create...
Soccer dribbling level 1
Soccer: Dribbling (Level 1)
Soccer is a game of controlling the ball and part of controlling the game is done...
Soccer dribbling level 2
Soccer: Dribbling (Level 2)
Dribbling is fun, it is quick, it takes balance, timing, speed, agility and a willingness...
Soccer dribbling level 3
Soccer: Dribbling (Level 3)
You already know the basics of dribbling - so now it's time to take it up a notch with...
Soccer passing level 1
Soccer: Passing (Level 1)
Learn how to pass the ball with your teammates on the soccer field!
Soccer passing level 2
Soccer: Passing (Level 2)
Teamwork is critical to passing. Passing helps in controlling the game and moves the ball...
Soccer receiving level 1
Soccer: Receiving (Level 1)
Learn how to receive the ball from your teammate after they pass it to you!
Soccer receiving level 2
Soccer: Receiving (Level 2)
Receiving is important to complete a pass it is mostly done with the inside of the foot,...
Soccer trapping the ball
Soccer: Trapping the Ball
After you receive the ball on the soccer ball, you need to trap the ball! Learn how to do...
Soccer shooting
Soccer: Shooting
Learn how to shoot and score the soccer ball!
Soccer headers
Soccer: Headers
Learn another way to pass or shoot the ball on the soccer field - with your head!
Soccer tactics
Soccer: Tactics
Learn why tactics are important to be successful on the soccer field as a team!
Basketball footwork
Basketball: Footwork
Learn the basics of footwork from the One Minute Sports Clinic! Footwork is important in...
Basketball ball handling
Basketball: Ball Handling
Learn all about the basketball basics, starting with ball handling! Practice your figure...
Basketball control dribble
Basketball: Control Dribble
Learn to dribble a basketball! It's important to dribble so that you can protect the ball.
Basketball speed dribble
Basketball: Speed Dribble
Clive and Ian host a head-to-head speed dribble challenge! Learn why and when you would...
Basketball passing
Basketball: Passing
Passing the basketball allows a team to effectively move the ball
Basketball shooting part 1
Basketball: Shooting (Part 1)
We all want the opportunity to score a basket. However, in order to score, the shot has...
Basketball shooting part 2
Basketball: Shooting (Part 2)
Now that you have worked on the foundation of shooting, you can take some shots to the...
Basketball rebounding
Basketball: Rebounding
Usually more shots are missed than made, creating many opportunities to rebound the...
Basketball defensive slide
Basketball: Defensive Slide
Playing good defense is just as important as being a good shooter or ball handler. ...
Basketball defense
Basketball: Defense
Building onto the defensive slide is the zigzag drill.
Cheering clapping and clasping
Cheering: Clapping and Clasping
Whether you are calling out a chant or doing a cheer, it is important for every...
Cheering practice clapping and clasping
Cheering: Practice Clapping and Clasping
Last time we talked about the proper technique of clapping. This time we are going to...
Cheering facial expressions
Cheering: Facial Expressions
How often do you see a cheerleader who looks sad? Not very often. Have you ever tried to...
Cheering posture and voice projection
Cheering: Posture and Voice Projection
This time we’re going to learn how to make our voices loud so that people can hear us...
Cheering chant clapping posture and voice projection
Cheering: Chant (Clapping, Posture and Voice Projection)
We have learned some basic skills, let’s put them to practice!
Cheering motions part 1
Cheering: Motions (Part 1)
Learn some basic cheering motions - including the "Go" motion, the "High V", and the "Low...
Cheering motions part 2
Cheering: Motions (Part 2)
Keep on cheering with the "T Motion", the "Broken T", the "Touchdown", the "Tabletop",...
Cheering motions part 3
Cheering: Motions (Part 3)
Keep learning new cheering motions with the "punch", the "Lo Motion" the "Bow and Arrrow"...
Cheering motions what not to do
Cheering: Motions (What Not to Do)
When cheering, it's important to know what not to do when making motions, too!
Cheering jumps prepping for jumps
Cheering: Jumps (Prepping for Jumps)
Part of being a cheerleader is being able to jump. But before we learn about the...
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