Mystery at millers ridge
Mystery at Miller's Ridge
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When the school tries to shut down their film club, an energetic group of misfits comes together to save the club they love. But someone is determined to stand in their way. To... Read More
Runtime: 07m 39s
The threat
The Threat - 1 of 8
A misifit film club must fight to save their club from a mysterious rival.
Runtime: 07m 39s
The king of clubs
The King of Clubs - 2 of 8
An act of sabotage derails the film club's fundraising efforts.
Runtime: 05m 28s
The first clue
The First Clue - 3 of 8
Another ruined fundraising attempt leads the film club to their first real clue.
Runtime: 08m 19s
Misdirection - 4 of 8
The film club is dissolved after all their money disappears during Blaine's magic trick.
Runtime: 07m 16s
Undercover - 5 of 8
The former film club goes undercover to find their money.
Runtime: 08m 17s
Suspect - 6 of 8
The gang gets some advice from Chess Club Charlie and continues the investigation.
Runtime: 08m 29s
Unmasked - 7 of 8
Hannah, Zack, Dani, Caleb, Matt, Blaine, Charlie, Rosie
Runtime: 06m 49s
The reveal
The Reveal - 8 of 8
The gang solves the mystery and becomes The Finders.
Runtime: 09m 52s