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Monster Truck Adventures

Join Meteor, LT and all their friends as they roar over jumps and splash through gunk in everyday adventures at school and all over their hometown of Crushington Park.

52 Episodes
Series Episodes
Mta ep01 racerelations preview image
Race Relations
There’s a new little monster truck in town! While the trucks of Crushington Park School...
Mta ep02 missingmom preview image
Missing Mom
Meteor finds the courage to admit to his friends that he misses his mother when she...
Mta ep03 bathtimeforjunkboy preview image
Bathtime for Junkboy
Meteor manages to help Junkboy get over his fear of water (and soap!) by taking the...
Mta ep04 thebigtimeout preview image
The Big Timeout
Meteor and Jose receive a ‘time out’ for crashing into a very special starting light that...
Mta ep05 thebigsleepover preview image
The Big Sleepover
Little Tow invites the kids over for a sleepover party the night before a big race....
Mta ep06 teamwork preview image
Too caught up in his own skills as a racer, Jose fails to listen to Pony, his partner...
Mta ep07 kingkrush preview image
King Krush
After watching a monster truck monster movie called "King Krush", the trucks scare...
Mta ep08 thepennantrace preview image
The Pennant Race
Engines get overheated when Meteor accuses his friends of stealing the prized racing...
Mta ep09 thetruckwhocriedtow preview image
The Truck Who Cried Tow
Little Tow intentionally gets his friends stuck in the muck during a game of ‘follow the...
Mta ep10 hangtime preview image
Hang Time
The trucks learn a valuable lesson about safety and rules when they enter a restricted...
Mta ep11 overheated preview image
Thinking that Big Wheelie’s latest time-trial race is way too hard for a little monster...
Mta ep12 yournameismud preview image
Your Name is Mud
When Meteor gets stuck in an extra-deep mud puddle and Junkboy thinks it’s his fault – he...
Mta ep13 herecomesthecrushmeister preview image
Here Comes The Crushmeister
Meteor volunteers to pick up the tickets for everyone to see The Crushmeister, one of the...
Mta ep14 meteorincharge preview image
Meteor in Charge
Meteor must learn not to be a bossy leader when he’s chosen by Big Wheelie to lead his...
Mta ep15 trytryagain preview image
Try Try Again
Meteor realizes that if he doesn't get something right the first time, it's practice that...
Mta ep16 grandpawasamoonrover preview image
Grandpa Was a Moonrover
Meteor is looking forward to a visit from his hero - his Grandpa, the original moon rover!
Mta ep17 meteorsnightmare preview image
Meteor's Nightmare
Meteor has trouble shaking a nightmare he’s had during which Little Tow pushes him into a...
Mta ep18 thebackwardsrace preview image
The Backwards Race
Meteor learns how important it is to learn the basics instead of relying on technology,...
Mta ep19 abighookforlittletow preview image
A Big Hook for Little Tow
Little Tow becomes utterly enamored by an old hook of Bigfoot’s that he’s found in his...
Mta ep20 topsecret preview image
Top Secret
Meteor becomes upset when his friends sneak around on him during a game of hide and seek –
Mta ep21 amazingrace preview image
A Maze-ing Race
Big Wheelie gives the trucks a lesson in following instructions when he sets up a race in...
Mta ep22 suetherootertruck preview image
Sue the Rooter Truck
A stinky, bossy Rooter Truck named Sue rubs the trucks the wrong way – until Pony...
Mta ep23 spacerangers
Space Rangers
Meteor learns that he’s got what it takes to be a great space rover, despite not winning...
Mta ep24 onshakyground preview image
On Shaky Ground
Pony’s cousin Duke, a slightly older rodeo truck, shows up at Crushington Park School for...
Mta ep25 monstertruckingtoday preview image
Monster Trucking Today
When Dynamite Dan the TV Van arrives to do a news story on up and coming young trucks,...
Mta ep26 whereswheelie preview image
Where's Wheelie
When Big Wheelie goes away for the day to race in a champion rally, leaving his class in...
Mta ep27 snagtheflag preview image
Snag the Flag
When a shy young forklift, Forbie, joins the trucks in an exciting game of Capture the...
Mta ep28 mendingfences preview image
Mending Fences
After trying to impress the trucks with bragging and cocky over-the-top stories, a young...
Mta ep29 pushingthelimits preview image
Pushing the Limits
While on a thrilling trip to the Crushington Crashers Speedway with Grandpa, Meteor meets...
Mta ep30 roadmap preview image
Road Map
Meteor’s Grandpa shows Meteor, Junkboy, and Little Tow how fun puzzles can be when he...
Mta ep31 singersluckypump preview image
Sinker's Lucky Pump
Sinker unexpectedly wins a race against his speedier friends, and comes to believe that...
Mta ep32 specialdelivery preview image
Special Delivery
News of Meteor receiving a package from his Mom on her Mars mission becomes a game of...
Mta ep33 charitydrive preview image
Charity Drive
Charity goes out the window when Jose and Little Tow get over-competitive while...
Mta ep34 twinengines preview image
Twin Engines
Meteor and Little Tow are taken on the rides of their lives while keeping an eye on two...
Mta ep35 aprilfoolsday preview image
April Fools Day
It’s April Fuel’s Day and Little Tow is pulling all sorts of pranks on the other trucks –...
Mta ep36 monstertruckclub preview image
Monster Truck Club
The trucks realize they don’t need a clubhouse to be a great club after Little Tow gets...
Mta ep37 boomers preview image
Meteor, Junkboy and Pony must prove to the rest of the trucks that the tire blow-outs they’
Mta ep38 amonstertrucktale preview image
A Monster Truck Tale
Meteor’s Grandpa tells the trucks a bedtime story about a Princess named Bumpercup, three...
Mta ep39 rebelrover preview image
Rebel Rover
When Big Wheelie picks Meteor repeatedly to go first in all his class turning drills,...
Mta ep40 cheeringsection preview image
Cheering Section
When Junkboy cheers for Crushmeister instead Little Tow's father Bigfoot at the Champion...
Mta ep41 fastfriends preview image
Fast Friends
Meteor learns his new friend, Little Tow, is the son of his all-time favorite pro monster...
Mta ep42 tagalong preview image
Tag Along
Frustrated by how his little sister Zooey always copies him, Little Tow discovers it’s...
Mta ep43 fenderbender preview image
Fender Bender
Little Tow is afraid to admit the truth after breaking one of Boo Boo’s billboards, when...
Mta ep44 stomphonkrockandroll preview image
Stomp, Honk, Rock and Roll
Little Tow manages to overcome stage fright during a school performance with a little...
Mta ep45 monstercrush preview image
Monster Crush
Little Tow and his friends are annoyed when Zooey keeps stopping to help trucks in need...
Mta ep46 movingtruck preview image
Moving Truck
Zooey learns that some scary things aren't really scary at all when Bigfoot takes his...
Mta ep47 frightbusters preview image
Fright Busters
Little Tow and Bigfoot enjoy some father-son bonding time while co-operating to get a...
Mta ep48 eyesontheprize preview image
Eyes On The Prize
A misunderstanding leads Little Tow to believe his family is moving again - when he...
Mta ep49 likefatherlikeson preview image
Like Father, Like Son
When Little Tow asks to watch over Bigfoot's trophy, he learns the importance of...
Mta ep50 winnerscircle preview image
Winner's Circle
When Jose claims to have never lost a race, Meteor and the gang reminisce about the times...
Mta ep51 trucktrouble preview image
Truck Trouble
After Amby knocks over Bigfoot’s obstacle course, he’s afraid to come clean. Little Tow...
Mta ep52 trucktaculartruckathalon preview image
Trucktacular Truckathalon
During the Annual Truckathon Little Tow is partnered with his Mother. He’s convinced they...
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