Molly pickens and the rainy day castle
Molly Pickens and the Rainy Day Castle
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Brothers Bill and Charles take Molly Pickens on an adventure to the Fantastic World and the Rainy Day Castle. Along the way, Molly and her new found friends experience the... Read More
Runtime: 19m 17s
New friends
New Friends - 1 of 8
While playing in her dad's antique shop, Molly Pickens finds a mysterious chest that transports her to the Fantastic World where she learns just how important she will be in... Read More
Runtime: 19m 17s
The decision
The Decision - 2 of 8
Molly journeys back to Fantastic World and learns that she will need faith to make the right choices in Fantastic World, just like Peter needed faith to walk on water in Matthew 14: Read More
Runtime: 11m 40s
Dont give up
Don't Give Up - 3 of 8
After Rainy day decrees that all citizens of Fantastic World will be required to sit and mope, Molly helps Bill and Charles realize that everything will be okay because we are... Read More
Runtime: 09m 31s
Know it alls and show it alls
Know-It-Alls and Show-It-Alls - 4 of 8
After word gets out about the world Molly sometimes visits, popularity quickly goes to her head and leads her to give the townspeople a lot of know-it-all answers that lead to disas Read More
Runtime: 08m 13s
Service goggles
Service Goggles - 5 of 8
Giving Molly a special pair of goggles, the Boxmaker teaches her about service (willingly putting others first even when it gets you dirty) just in time for the guards to arrive... Read More
Runtime: 09m 01s
Alone and sad
Alone and Sad - 6 of 8
The Boxmaker teach's Molly about empathy and the tragic story of a girl just like her who got lost and now lives in Rainy Day's castle, alone and sad.
Runtime: 09m 38s
We choose to believe
We Choose to Believe - 7 of 8
After talking with her dad about what it means to sacrifice, Molly heads to Fantastic World, where Bill and Charles are getting pumped up for the rescue mission.
Runtime: 10m 03s
A new kingdom
A New Kingdom - 8 of 8
Molly says goodbye to her friends and finds her way to Rainy Day's castle. There she encounters the mean queen herself, and just when all seems to be lost, Molly hugs her:... Read More
Runtime: 10m 44s