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Micah's Super Vlog

Join 10-year-old Micah as he learns what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus with his best friends Armin and Lydia and shares his thoughts along the way on his vlog.

16 Episodes
Series Episodes
Msv intro preview image
Introducing Micah's Super Vlog
Meet Micah and his best friends Armin and Lydia - and join them in their adventures in...
Msv lets talk about easter preview image
Let's Talk About Easter!
Bunnies? Chocolate? Eggs? What is Easter all about anyway? Micah, Armin, and Lydia share...
Msv micah superstar preview image
Micah Superstar
When Micah finds himself cast as the ’star’ of Mrs. Petunia’s upcoming school play, his...
Msv nebby rap preview image
Nebby Rap
In a follow up to Micah Superstar, Micah and the gang go musical! Sing-along as... Micah’
Msv uber jealous preview image
Über Jealous
Micah’s envy gets the best of him after his classmate Hanz flaunts his cool new robot.
Msv fots love preview image
Love (Fruit of the Spirit)
Hear what New Leaf Elementary’s teachers have to say about love! Is it a......
Msv fots joy preview image
Joy (Fruit of the Spirit)
After a failed attempt by Micah to give Armin joy through the Joy Hat 4000,......
Msv fots peace preview image
Peace (Fruit of the Spirit)
Micah attempts to explain the concept of peace to Gabe, but the results that......
Msv fots patience preview image
Patience (Fruit of the Spirit)
The normally calm Lydia struggles to keep her patience when Micah gets in the... of her...
Msv fots kindness preview image
Kindness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Micah has to think on his feet when Gabe comes close to an encounter with Chet, the...
Msv fots goodness preview image
Goodness (Fruit of the Spirit)
When Hanz drops his Captain Karate Dino Cop action figure, Armin is tempted... keep the...
Msv fots faithfulness preview image
Faithfulness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Micah, Armin and Lydia had planned for ages to see the new Captain Karate Dynocop 3D...
Msv fots gentleness preview image
Gentleness (The Fruit of the Spirit)
When Chet bullies Gabe about his artistic abilities, Armin shows gentleness by helping...
Msv fots self control preview image
Self Control (Fruit of the Spirit)
Micah, Armin, and Lydia compete in PB and Jane's self-control game!
Msv sandwich rap preview image
Dennis Raps about Sandwiches
From grilled cheese to meatloaf - Dennis raps about some of his favorite sandwiches!
Msv merry christmas preview image
Merry Christmas
Micah, Armin, and Lydia celebrate the real reason for the season - Jesus! And Micah...