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Life at the Pond
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Find out what life's like at The Pond as Bill the Duck, Tony the Frog, and the rest of the pond crew navigate life and learn valuable lessons about faith and friendship.
Runtime: 31m 46s
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Big Mouth Bass - 1 of 5
What would you do if the neighbor you disliked suddenly disappeared? With the Biblical admonition to "love your neighbor as yourself, "the Pond creatures set out to rescue the... Read More
Runtime: 31m 46s
The pond ep02 on jt
Fear of Flying / Garden Variety Problem - 2 of 5
In Fear of Flying, Bill admits he doesn't fly much because of his fear. Tony helps him overcome. In Garden Variety Problem, all agree to help Methusela out with the garden. But... Read More
Runtime: 26m 16s
The pond ep03 on jt
Alligator Hunter / Listen to Your Mother - 3 of 5
In "Alligator Hunter," Methuselah is taken away and the others must work together to rescue him. In "Listen to Your Mother," Floyd the Turtle suddenly can't hear his mother... Read More
Runtime: 32m 06s
The little things
The Little Things - 4 of 5
If you can't be trusted with little things, you can't be trusted with big things. This biblical concept comes to life as Floyd the turtle breaks toy after toy, not at all worried... Read More
Runtime: 29m 13s
The rise and fall of tony the frog
The Rise and Fall of Tony the Frog - 5 of 5
Tony the frog's paper route goes from a frog throwing papers from his bike, to a frog delivering from an F-18 fighter jet, to a frog in a giant building with his name on the... Read More
Runtime: 29m 16s