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The Kidmo crew teaches Bible stories in a fast-paced, unforgettable and interactive way featuring worship, comedy and a crazy cast of characters.
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Agents in motion impacting your church
Agents In Motion: Impacting Your Church - 1 of 28
We can trust God to take care of us. Mark 12:41-44 The rich man gave from his wealth, but the widow gave all that she had. The widow knew that God was watching and she knew that... Read More
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Agents in motion impacting your friends
Agents In Motion: Impacting Your Friends - 2 of 28
We need to do everything we can to teach our friends about Jesus. Jesus taught people about Himself by inviting them to spend time with Him. The Bible says if we don’t have Jesus... Read More
Runtime: 11m 20s
Agents in motion impacting your world
Agents in Motion: Impacting Your World - 3 of 28
Impacting Your World Luke 10:30-37 The Samaritan did what the others did NOT do. What you do, or do not do, does indeed matter. Choose for your life to start a ripple effect. By... Read More
Runtime: 12m 06s
Beefesians be patient
Beefesians: Be Patient - 4 of 28
God has created each one of us uniquely different. Sometimes those differences seem big. Sometimes differences can be a source of irritation. Ephesians 4:2 talks about how love... Read More
Runtime: 12m 23s
Beefesians behave
Beefesians: Behave - 5 of 28
Our behavior reflects our heart. If you have Jesus in your heart, your behavior should show it. It’s like we’ve got dirt in our heart and we need to get clean. When Jesus comes... Read More
Runtime: 10m 37s
Blitz gods top 10
Blitz: God's Top 10 - 6 of 28
If we say we love God, we will obey Him. Obeying God means knowing what is inside His playbook--the Bible. God gave Moses his top ten plays to win. The Ten Commandments are one... Read More
Runtime: 09m 47s
Blitz love is action
Blitz: Love Is Action - 7 of 28
Love Is Action - Mark 12:29-31 - We obey the Ten Commandments when we love God and love others. LOVE is shown by our actions. One way we show others we care about them is by... Read More
Runtime: 12m 01s
Catch connect
Catch: Connect - 8 of 28
The First Church Acts 2:41-47 (NLT) - The church is like a body and the body is like the church, it’s supposed to work together. God wants you to be connected with other believers. Read More
Runtime: 12m 43s
Catch challenge
Catch: Challenge - 9 of 28
Paul’s Challenges (2 Corinthians 11:24-31) - Sometimes when things get tough we give up easily and stop trying. We must always remember God is with us in good times and tough times. Read More
Runtime: 11m 31s
Deep what is truth
Deep: What is Truth? - 10 of 28
We need to know what God says in order to know the truth. 2 Timothy 3 tells us that the Bible is inspired by God. That means that every word in your Bible was chosen by God. In... Read More
Runtime: 14m 16s
Deep what spiritual authority exists
Deep: What Spiritual Authority Exists? - 11 of 28
The Bible says that Jesus is the ultimate authority over every leader or power there has ever been. If we believe what the Bible says is true, that God has given Jesus ultimate... Read More
Runtime: 15m 28s
Deep what does the bible mean to me
Deep: What Does the Bible Mean to Me? - 12 of 28
The Bible is the only book written by God, and it can change our lives. When we spend time reading, memorizing and thinking about what is written in the Bible, it changes us. We... Read More
Runtime: 15m 04s
I am god is loving
I Am: God is Loving - 13 of 28
God is a loving God, and He loves you very much! With God in us, His love can flow through our lives and make a world changing difference in the lives of those around us. God has... Read More
Runtime: 10m 25s
I am god is a good dad
I Am: God is a Good Dad - 14 of 28
Some of us have moms and dads at home, some don’t. No matter whom you have in your family at home, all of us have a Heavenly Father who loves us and cares for us. Matthew 6:25,... Read More
Runtime: 12m 34s
I am god is in control
I Am: God is In Control - 15 of 28
God Is In Control - God wants us to trust Him in the middle of difficult times. Moses was surrounded by a difficult situation when he crossed the Red Sea. The true test of our... Read More
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Imagine - 16 of 28
God gives courage to the discouraged. Joshua 3:5-17- Whether it’s a river in the desert or a problem you can’t solve, God can make a way where there is no way. When friends or... Read More
Runtime: 12m 44s
Knights of the rectangle a heart after god
Knights of the Rectangle: A Heart After God - 17 of 28
God looks at you just like he looked at David. God looks at you and says, look at his heart, look at her heart, and because of who you are on the inside, I choose you. Not... Read More
Runtime: 13m 44s
Knights of the rectangle a knight is ready
Knights of the Rectangle: A Knight is Ready - 18 of 28
A Knight is Ready - 1 Samuel 17:32-51 Discouragement can come from anywhere and it can feel like a giant that can’t be overcome. David’s eyes looked past Goliath and focused on... Read More
Runtime: 12m 44s
Knights of the rectangle a knight is able
Knights of the Rectangle: A Knight is Able - 19 of 28
When we compare ourselves with others we invite jealousy into our hearts. If we are going to have a heart after God, we’ve got to stop looking around and keep our eyes on the One... Read More
Runtime: 13m 43s
Reach - 20 of 28
No matter how hard we try, each one of us, at one time or another, have strayed and disobeyed God. Everyone has sinned. - Romans 3:23 - God says, “just being Good enough isn’t... Read More
Runtime: 15m 00s
Smackdown communion
Smackdown: Communion - 21 of 28
El Pollo Frito (one of the Stinky Brothers) faces the prospect of a lonely defeat at the hands of the Bunnymen. His brothers (El Leon & El Toro) have forgotten who they are and... Read More
Runtime: 13m 46s
Smackdown easter
Smackdown: Easter - 22 of 28
El Salvador returns to the ring to save the brothers from the powerful El Pecado. His self-sacrificing actions remind us of Jesus taking the punishment for each of us so that we... Read More
Runtime: 12m 52s
Soar why did god create me
Soar: Why Did God Create Me? - 23 of 28
You can let the light of Jesus shine in your life. If you have Jesus in your life, your life is different, and that difference can be seen by others. Let God’s love shine through... Read More
Runtime: 13m 35s
Soar what is good  evil
Soar: What is Good & Evil? - 24 of 28
Ephesians 6 tells about a spiritual battle. When we see bad stuff happening, it means that sin is starting to win. But we can overcome what is wrong by doing what is right. Your... Read More
Runtime: 12m 50s
Soar how do i make right choices
Soar: How Do I Make Right Choices? - 25 of 28
Temptation happens when we really want to do something we know we shouldn’t. Even Jesus was tempted, but he gives us an example of how to beat temptation. Temptation can happen at... Read More
Runtime: 14m 41s
Zoom what are the attributes of god
Zoom: What Are the Attributes of God? - 26 of 28
God has always existed. He is everywhere, knows everything, is all-powerful, unchanging and in control. Discovering what God is like requires that you continue on your quest.... Read More
Runtime: 13m 02s
Zoom what is prayer
Zoom: What is Prayer? - 27 of 28
What is prayer? I can talk to God and know him like a friend. It’s a Personal Relationship Available to You. Talking to God is more than just asking for stuff. It is about... Read More
Runtime: 12m 35s
Zoom what is worship
Zoom: What is worship? - 28 of 28
What is worship? Worship is saying “wow” to God. It’s being AWED! Awesome Worship Every Day. Our entire lives are worship if we make God the focus of our activities. Find... Read More
Runtime: 13m 03s