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Junior's Giants
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Junior Anderson, a smart elementary student with a funny family, faces some pretty big giants – from a big bully to his own anger – and overcomes them with the help of his friends, Read More
Runtime: 30m 43s
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Anger's Everywhere - 1 of 3
Join Junior Anderson as he battles his own anger in the form af a tiny-but-giant-bagpipe-playing bully.
Runtime: 30m 43s
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Envy Thou Not - 2 of 3
Junior Anderson has a problem: his own greed and selfishness. How can he defeat the Rotomon warrior, and his greed?
Runtime: 38m 41s
Jg ep 03 preview image
Nothing But The Truth - 3 of 3
Junior learns about the importance of telling the truth, and that sometimes lies can turn into crazy lawyer crocodiles.
Runtime: 36m 13s