Jacobs ladder
Jacob's Ladder
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The "teenpack" is looking for adventure when they discover a mysterious old lighthouse and the even more mysterious keeper, Rafael. Through the lighthouse, the young teens are... Read More
Runtime: 28m 37s
Death waiting
Death Waiting - 0 of 13
Now a leading officer in King Saul's army, David enjoys one victory after another, but his success fuels the king's anger and jealousy, How can Prince Jonathan, son of... Read More
Runtime: 28m 37s
The king needs help
The King Needs Help - 0 of 13
King Saul is slipping into mental illness, but he won't accept help from his family or from the prophet, Samuel. God Leads Samuel to secretly anoint a new king who will eventually... Read More
Runtime: 28m 36s
Gideon reluctant hero
Gideon: Reluctant Hero - 1 of 13
God calls Gideon to stand up to these oppressors and their false gods.
Runtime: 28m 37s
Gideon warrior by faith
Gideon: Warrior by Faith - 2 of 13
Watch as God gives Gideon just what he needs to strengthen his faith. In the process, Gideon learns to depend on God to do the impossible.
Runtime: 28m 37s
Naomi and ruth
Naomi and Ruth - 3 of 13
A severe drought has brought famine to the land of Canaan. Elimelech and his wife Naomi have no choice but to leave all that they know and venture to Moab.
Runtime: 28m 36s
Ruth and boaz
Ruth and Boaz - 4 of 13
Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth arrive back in Canaan to face a harsh reality. With no home and no money, these two widows need a plan for survival. Hard work, the law of the... Read More
Runtime: 28m 38s
The invitation
The Invitation - 5 of 13
Hannah has promised to give her son to God. Now that Sammy knows of his amazing birth, he must choose whether to accept God's plan for his life. Explore how free will interacts... Read More
Runtime: 28m 36s
Samuels destiny part 1
Samuel's Destiny: Part 1 - 6 of 13
As the priest Eli's righthand man, 13-year old Samuel works hard in the temple. Meanwhile Eli's two sons sink deeper into a life of sin. How will these contrasting... Read More
Runtime: 28m 36s
Samuels destiny part 2
Samuel's Destiny: Part 2 - 7 of 13
As he begins to hear from God, Samuel transitions into the role of prophet. Meanwhile, the Israelites are marching into battle with the Ark of the Covenant, but without the Lord... Read More
Runtime: 28m 35s
A king for the hebrews
A King for the Hebrews - 8 of 13
Samuel has been a faithful prophet and judge of Israel for many years, but the people are increasingly dissatisfied. Attacks from surrounding nations have fed their desire for a... Read More
Runtime: 28m 37s
Saul takes charge
Saul Takes Charge - 9 of 13
Since the shy farmer, Saul, has become the king of Israel, his family has noticed some changes. His newfound power and status leave him little time to consult with God, and there� Read More
Runtime: 28m 37s
David on the run
David on the Run - 12 of 13
King Saul is out to kill his most successful and loyal soldier, David. While David finds refuge through the people of God, Saul shows no respect for God or his people. See the... Read More
Runtime: 28m 36s
A new king
A New King - 13 of 13
In King Saul's darkest hour, he finally attempts to call on God as he once did, but God is silent. Where will Saul turn now? Can he sink any lower in his defiance of God? The... Read More
Runtime: 28m 37s