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Holy Moly

Explore God's awesome story with animated scripture retelling!

55 Episodes
Series Episodes
Holy moly ep 01 preview image
See how God was at work in the story of Creation as told in Genesis 1!
Holy moly ep 02 preview image
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve live a carefree life in God’s Garden of Eden. There’s only one rule they...
Holy moly ep 03 preview image
When God decides to flood the entire Earth, Noah and his family are chosen to save two of...
Holy moly ep 04 preview image
Abraham and his wife, Sarah, want to have children more than anything, but now that they’re
Holy moly ep 05 preview image
Sarah and Abraham
It’s been years since God promised Sarah and Abraham children, and they’re losing hope...
Holy moly ep 06 preview image
Rebekah and Isaac
Abraham wants to find the perfect bride for his son Isaac, but will their faithful servant,
Holy moly ep 07 preview image
Jacob and Esau
Jacob and his twin brother Esau have been rivals since birth, competing for everything....
Holy moly ep 08 preview image
Jacob Becomes Israel
A mysterious stranger wrestles with Jacob and changes his life forever.
Holy moly ep 09 preview image
Joseph and His Brothers
Jacob thinks his son Joseph is the best! Too bad Joseph’s brothers don’t see it that way…
Holy moly ep 10 preview image
Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream
Joseph is now a prisoner in Egypt, but there might be a way out—if he can figure out a...
Holy moly ep 11 preview image
Joseph Forgives
Joseph has found huge success in Egypt, just as his brothers arrive looking for help....
Holy moly ep 12 preview image
Baby Moses
When Pharaoh outlaws all Hebrew baby boys, Baby Moses’ family comes up with a desperate...
Holy moly ep 13 preview image
Crossing the Red Sea
Moses is called by God to free his people from slavery in Egypt and lead them to the...
Holy moly ep 14 preview image
The Ten Commandments
Having led his people out of slavery in Egypt, Moses has to leave to go speak with God....
Holy moly ep 15 preview image
Brave Deborah
The Canaanites are invading, and it’s up to Deborah to save God’s people. But can she get...
Holy moly ep 16 preview image
Naomi and Ruth
After a family tragedy, Naomi decides it’s time for her and her former daughters-in-law...
Holy moly ep 17 preview image
Queen Esther
Esther has a loving marriage, lives in a beautiful palace, and is the queen of all Persia!
Holy moly ep 18 preview image
God Calls Samuel
Join Reuben the Mouse as he tries to help Samuel understand that God is speaking to him.
Holy moly ep 19 preview image
Samuel Anoints David
God’s prophet, Samuel, is looking for the next king. It should be one of the sons of Jesse,
Holy moly ep 20 preview image
David and Goliath
Armed with only a sling and his faith in God, David goes to battle the Philistine’s...
Holy moly ep 21 preview image
Daniel and the Lions
When worshipping God becomes outlawed, Daniel finds himself arrested and about to face a...
Holy moly ep 22 preview image
What does a prophet do when he doesn’t want to be a prophet? Jonah is about to find out....
Holy moly ep 24 preview image
Mary and Elizabeth
Life isn’t easy for Mary the expectant mother. But her visit to her relative Elizabeth...
Holy moly ep 25 preview image
Jesus Is Born
Late one night, a group of shepherds are visited by an angel, claiming to bring good news.
Holy moly ep 26 preview image
The Wise Men Follow the Star
One night, Wise Men from the east discover a star that could lead them to a very special...
Holy moly ep 27 preview image
Jesus at the Temple
12 year old Jesus becomes separated from his parents while they are on a family trip....
Holy moly ep 31 preview image
Jesus Calms the Storm
A huge storm descends upon Jesus and the disciples while they are out sailing. Can...
Holy moly ep 32 preview image
The Parable of the House on the Rock
Jesus’ story about where to build a home has more to do with faith, than it does with...
Holy moly ep 33 preview image
The Parable of the Sower
Jesus explains that faith, like seeds, needs the right conditions to flourish.
Holy moly ep 34 preview image
The Parable of the Mustard Seed
When Jesus is asked to describe the Kingdom of Heaven, his answer is surprising. What do...
Holy moly ep 35 preview image
The Parable of the Good Samaritan
A traveler is robbed and left hurt on the road. No one will stop to help him, until...
Holy moly ep 36 preview image
The Parable of the Prodigal Son
When a father’s second son leaves home and squanders all his money, he doesn’t know where...
Holy moly ep 37 preview image
Jesus Walks on Water
While sailing, the disciples see something very surprising: Jesus, walking towards them...
Holy moly ep 38 preview image
The Ten Outcasts
It’s hard for people with leprosy in the ancient Middle East. People are so afraid of...
Holy moly ep 39 preview image
A Man through the Roof
Some travelers want to bring their friend to Jesus for healing, but the house he’s...
Holy moly ep 41 preview image
Jesus travels to see his sick friend, Lazarus. But when he arrives, Lazarus has died...
Holy moly ep 42 preview image
Teach Us to Pray
Jesus teaches us how to pray to God. Or he would, if he didn’t keep getting interrupted.
Holy moly ep 43 preview image
Jesus and the Children
Many people want to spend time with Jesus, but learning from him is for grown-ups only....
Holy moly ep 44 preview image
The Widow's Offering
While people are donating to charity at the Temple, Jesus points out that a widow’s...
Holy moly ep 45 preview image
Mary and Martha
When Jesus comes to visit sisters Mary and Martha, one sister just wants to talk to Jesus...
Holy moly ep 46 preview image
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector
As a tax collector for the Romans, Zacchaeus is not well liked. So why would Jesus want...
Holy moly ep 47 preview image
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
A donkey is hired to carry someone into Jerusalem, and wonders why everyone is so excited.
Holy moly ep 48 preview image
The Last Supper
Jesus and the disciples get together for supper, just as they have many times before. But...
Holy moly ep 49 preview image
Jesus and the Cross
From betrayal to arrest to death sentence. Jesus’ final days are depicted here with...
Holy moly ep 50 preview image
The Empty Tomb
Mary rushes to tell the disciples amazing news: she went to visit Jesus’ tomb and what...
Holy moly ep 51 preview image
Thomas Believes
The disciples think that Jesus has returned from the dead! Except for Thomas, who will...
Holy moly ep 52 preview image
Breakfast with Jesus
Though they know Jesus as risen from the dead, the disciples aren't sure what's become of...
Holy moly ep 53 preview image
The Road to Emmaus
After his death, two of Jesus' followers return home to Emmaus. On the way, they meet a...
Holy moly ep 54 preview image
The Great Call
Now that Jesus has risen, he has a job for the disciples. The job is much bigger than...
Holy moly ep 55 preview image
Jesus Ascends
After his death on the cross, the disciples are surprised to find Jesus in their house....
Holy moly ep 56 preview image
The Holy Spirit
The Disciples get a surprising visit on Pentecost, and afterwards, none of them are the...
Holy moly ep 57 preview image
Philip and the Ethiopian
The Queen of Ethiopia’s servant is trying to understand the meaning of God’s scripture....
Holy moly ep 58 preview image
Peter Raises Tabitha
As a follower of Jesus, Tabitha helped those around her. But when she dies, there’s no...
Holy moly ep 59 preview image
Saul Meets Jesus
When it comes to persecuting Jesus’ followers, Saul is the best. Can anything change his...
Holy moly ep 60 preview image
Paul and Silas
Paul and Silas are thrown into prison for preaching about Jesus. But, when the going gets...
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