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Caterpillars Hermie and Wormie experience God’s love and see how God made them all special and unique. Through daily life with all their garden friends, they learn important... Read More
Runtime: 35m 38s
Hermie a common caterpillar
Hermie: A Common Caterpillar - 1 of 16
Compared to the rest of God's creation, Hermie and his friend Wormie feel very ordinary. But God shows them that they are special and they are loved.
Runtime: 35m 38s
Flo the lyin fly
Flo: The Lyin' Fly - 2 of 16
Join Hermie, Wormie and all their garden friends as they teach Flo the value of always telling the truth… no matter what!
Runtime: 32m 41s
Webster the scaredy spider
Webster: The Scaredy Spider - 3 of 16
Laugh along as Hermie, Wormie, and Webster learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of when God is with you.
Runtime: 35m 28s
Buzby the misbehaving bee
Buzby: The Misbehaving Bee - 4 of 16
Buzby the Misbehaving Bee is bringing his mischief to the garden, and his unwillingness to follow the ‘Garden Golden Rules’ causes a major problem. Buzby learns that God’s rules... Read More
Runtime: 40m 32s
Stanley the stinkbug goes to camp
Stanley The Stinkbug Goes To Camp - 5 of 16
When Stanley The Stinkbug arrives at camp, everyone tries their best to put up with his odor. Our friends soon learn that even though Stanley is different, they need to show him... Read More
Runtime: 41m 32s
Hermie and wormies nutty adventure
Hermie And Wormie's Nutty Adventure - 6 of 16
The garden literally goes “nuts” when a shortage of nuts causes panic, especially with the Garden Talent Show & Tell starting tomorrow. And wouldn’t you know it – everyone’s... Read More
Runtime: 36m 03s
Buzby and the grumble bees
Buzby and the Grumble Bees - 7 of 16
The garden bugs secretly agree to help Buzby show his niece and nephew how unpleasant life would be if everyone misbehaved the way they do. After a few encounters with misbehaving... Read More
Runtime: 36m 07s
Hailey and baileys silly fight
Hailey and Bailey's Silly Fight - 8 of 16
When Hailey and Bailey can’t agree on what to pack for their picnic, the feud spills over to the entire garden and threatens to undo the good deeds the twins have agreed to perform. Read More
Runtime: 34m 30s
Milo the mantis who wouldnt pray
Milo: The Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray - 9 of 16
When a big storm destroys Milo’s Snack Shack, he doesn’t know what to do – not even how to talk to God about it. He finally learns to pray and realizes that God has been helping... Read More
Runtime: 34m 03s
Hermie and the high seas
Hermie and the High Seas - 10 of 16
Hermie and the High Seas teaches the lesson based on Jesus' words from the mountain-side in Matthew 6 about relying on God to care for our every need. It's about having faith in... Read More
Runtime: 37m 22s
Skeeter and the mystery of the lost mosquito treasure
Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure - 11 of 16
Skeeter’s “perfect” brother Sir Sinclair M. Skeeto, the world famous adventurer, comes to the garden with a mysterious treasure map left by their father. Could it really be up to... Read More
Runtime: 38m 14s
The flo show creates a buzz
The Flo Show Creates a Buzz - 12 of 16
When Flo gets her own TV talk show, she is positively thrilled! She has to think about what to say, what to wear, and who to invite as guests. What she "isn't" thinking about are... Read More
Runtime: 35m 26s
Antonio meets his match
Antonio Meets His Match - 13 of 16
When some foreign ants move into the garden, their strange ways challenge Antonio The Ant to use something other than physical strength and military experience to solve a problem.
Runtime: 38m 04s
Who is in charge anyway
Who is in Charge Anyway? - 14 of 16
When Freddie hears Hailey and Bailey ask their mother what's special about fleas, he thinks it's time to have a talk with God. Freddie learns that God didn't make anybody by... Read More
Runtime: 31m 53s
Hermie the uncommon dj
Hermie: The Uncommon DJ - 15 of 16
Join Hermie and the whole garden gang as they count down all the hits from your favorite Hermie & Friends DVDs on the wildly popular music video show “Bug Request Live”. You never... Read More
Runtime: 38m 50s
A fruitcake christmas
A Fruitcake Christmas - 16 of 16
It's Christmastime, and Hermie and his friends are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Grannypillar's fruitcake. Suddenly, Christmas is hijacked when Iggy and Ziggy Cockroach... Read More
Runtime: 39m 45s