Henry hand puppet
Henry Hand Puppet
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Friends Henry, Helen, Harriet and Fred explore Bible games and learn valuable lessons through games, activities, and story time at the Puppet Patch Nursery!
Runtime: 11m 18s
Creation - 1 of 6
Henry, Helen, Harriet and Fred plant sunflowers in the garden and learn all about God’s creation.
Runtime: 11m 18s
David and goliath
David and Goliath - 2 of 6
Henry, Harriet and Fred are hiding in the nursery because Helen has been bullying them. They read the story of David and Goliath and Helen says sorry.
Runtime: 10m 33s
Jonah - 3 of 6
Harriet has left the nursery is a mess and won't tidy it up. The puppets read the story of Jonah, Harriet realizes her mistake and they all have a picnic.
Runtime: 09m 21s
Moses - 4 of 6
It's Henry's birthday and Fred has a surprise for him. The friends play hide and seek and then they read the story of Moses.
Runtime: 11m 13s
Noah - 5 of 6
Harriet is trying to build a boat to help her ladybird cross the water tray. The friends then read the story of Noah.
Runtime: 11m 19s
Ruth - 6 of 6
Helen has bumped her head and Henry, Harriet and Fred make sure she has all she needs to feel better again. The puppets then read the story of Ruth.
Runtime: 10m 17s