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God Rocks! Animated Series

Join Chip, Gem, Carb, and Splint in the town of Rocky Ridge - where they live to sing and praise God with their lives!

15 Episodes
Series Episodes
Chip Fights The Dragon
Chips puts on the Armor of God and saves Princess Gem from what he thinks is a dragon...
Escape from World Conform
The gang heads to see the Beat Rocks in concert and finds themselves in trouble when a...
Kamooka-Mooka Surf Party
The God Rocks crew goes head to head in a surfing competition against the Soul Stones and...
The Fruit of the Spirit
Ruff takes Gem and Chip on a journey to learn the fruit of the Spirit!
The Lord is My Rock
The gang goes on a hike to the top of a mountain and learns how God is their rock!
Little Lost Sheep
The gang watches over Flint Rock's sheep for a day when one goes missing! What will they...
Put on Love
Chip finds an old vest that reminds him to "put on love" and inspires him to love those...
Seek and Find
The God Rocks gang helps Sapphire Stone find her rockoodle, Fifi!
A Little Bit of Faith
The crew puts on a Mustard Seed Faith concert to help families in need!
The Wizzle of Odd
Gem hits her head and finds herself in a new land with a yellow brick road...
Enter His Gates
The gang prepares for a big performance on live audience when their nervous hiccuping...
The Prodigal Son
In this musical featuring the God Rocks gang, learn the story of the prodigal son!
Say It Again Rejoice
The gang has to clean-up the church on a sunny day, but they're reminded to rejoice in...
Kitney vs Minibot
Kitney, a friend of the God Rocks gang, discovers her true talent with their help and...
Share With God's People
The rocks of Rocky Ridge work together to help the lava java rocks!