Gigi gods little princess
Gigi, God's Little Princess
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Gigi knows she's a princess and always has been! But does that mean castles and jewels? Join her as she learns what means to be a true princess - a daughter that belongs to the... Read More
Runtime: 15m 48s
The pink surprise
The Pink Surprise - 1 of 12
The Pink Surprise teaches Gigi that there are other blessings in life besides being first. Join Gigi as she is blessed with an adventure that will last a lifetime. Find out what... Read More
Runtime: 15m 48s
The white lie
The White Lie - 2 of 12
When we do wrong and try to cover our sin, things only get worse... and our hearts become heavy with guilt. Gigi learns that we have a God who knows our weaknesses and loves us... Read More
Runtime: 16m 35s
The royal pink circus
The Royal Pink Circus - 3 of 12
Gigi and Frances are both excited to go see the traveling circus. They’ve heard it's got princess tight-rope walkers and pink tigers! The girls learn that getting everything ‘right’ Read More
Runtime: 18m 04s
The princess hairdo
The Princess Hairdo - 4 of 12
Gigi sees a TV special about a princess from another country who has short hair and decides that getting her hair cut will make her both gorgeous and more princess-y. Gigi learns... Read More
Runtime: 17m 49s
The ginormous sneeze
The Ginormous Sneeze - 5 of 12
It's a perfect snowy day, and Gigi and Frances have all kinds of fun planned. Without warning, somebody comes down with a serious cold. When great disappointment strikes, what’s... Read More
Runtime: 14m 58s
A trip to the zoo
A Trip to the Zoo - 6 of 12
Hippos, giraffes and lions! Gigi and Frances are having such fun at the zoo. Later, while waiting in line to see the dolphins, they learn that the words “special needs” can mean... Read More
Runtime: 15m 12s
Gigis first day of school
Gigi's First Day of School - 7 of 12
Gigi’s First Day of School is an eye-opening experience! Join Gigi, Frances and the neighbor kids as they learn NOT to fear everything they hear.
Runtime: 16m 04s
Gigis fishing hole
Gigi's Fishing Hole - 8 of 12
Lake Popplepopper provides the perfect backdrop for Gigi to learn to live in God’s way. In Gigi’s Fishing Hole, the princess takes it upon herself to free the fish living in the... Read More
Runtime: 16m 08s
Gigi and the purple ponies
Gigi and the Purple Ponies - 9 of 12
While trying out for the soccer team, Gigi learns that God has given us all different gifts - some may be great soccer players, while others do their best in, um... other pursuits.
Runtime: 13m 23s
Gigi goes camping
Gigi Goes Camping - 10 of 12
When Gigi goes camping with her family, the pinkest princess finds herself waaay out of her Royal Comfort Zone. Many “un-royal” activities follow her pinkness to the great outdoors. Read More
Runtime: 18m 30s
The royal tea party
The Royal Tea Party - 11 of 12
Gigi has a dilemma. She's got important news to share with her best friend, Frances... but what's the best way to make such a grand announcement?
Runtime: 15m 10s
The pink ballerina
The Pink Ballerina - 12 of 12
When Gigi and Frances take their first dance lesson, Gigi struggles to dance perfectly and make God proud of her. But she unexpectedly learns that God is most proud of us when we... Read More
Runtime: 15m 52s