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From Aardvark to Zucchini

Aarden Aardvark goes through the alphabet from A to Z with his friends Guiseppe and Gianni, thanking God for everything - no matter if it's big or small!

26 Episodes
Series Episodes
The letter a
The Letter A
Thank God for astronauts, apples, and animals with antlers! Giuseppe Zucchini makes...
The letter b
The Letter B
Thank God for the Bible, birds, and bubblegum! Giuseppe Zucchini makes blueberry bagels.
The letter c
The Letter C
Thank God for clothes, carrots, and creepy crawlies! Giuseppe Zucchini makes chocolate...
The letter d
The Letter D
Thank God for dreams, dancing and dust! Giuseppe Zucchini draws a food diagram.
The letter e
The Letter E
Thank God for elephants, elevators and everything else! Giuseppe Zucchini eats eggs.
The letter f
The Letter F
Thank God for farmers, feet and furniture! Giuseppe Zucchini answers his fan mail.
The letter g
The Letter G
Thank God for grass, great grandmas and for God! Giuseppe Zucchini makes gyros.
The letter h
The Letter H
Thank God for horses, hippos and helium balloons! Giuseppe Zucchini makes hamburgers and...
The letter i
The Letter I
Thank God for ice cream, iguanas, and even poison ivy! Giuseppe Zucchini makes Italian ice.
The letter j
The Letter J
Thank God for jelly, jupiter and January! Giuseppe Zucchini makes jambalaya.
The letter k
The Letter K
Thank God for koalas, kazoos and kaleidoscopes! Giuseppe Zucchini makes kielbasa kabobs.
The letter l
The Letter L
Thank God for life, light, and being last in Line! Giuseppe Zucchini makes a layered...
The letter m
The Letter M
Thank God for mice, mommy, and movies like "Martian Mummies from the Moon"! Giuseppe...
The letter n
The Letter N
Thank God for noses, nature and neighbors! Giuseppe Zucchini tries to make noodles.
The letter o
The Letter O
Thank God for oysters, oranges and ornithologists! Giuseppe Zucchini sings an opera prayer.
The letter p
The Letter P
Thank God for peace, paper, and platypuses! Giuseppe Zucchini takes us on a picnic to the...
The letter q
The Letter Q
Thank God for quicksand, quiz Shows and quiet! Giuseppe Zucchini bakes a quivering quiche.
The letter r
The Letter R
Thank God for robots, rhinos, and even referees! Giuseppe Zucchini shares his recipe for...
The letter s
The Letter S
Thank God for singing, sisters and spelunking! Giuseppe Zucchini makes a slippery salami...
The letter t
The Letter T
Thank God for turtles, traveling and teeter-totters! Giuseppe Zucchini tries to make...
The letter u
The Letter U
Thank God for unicycles, umbrellas, and even underwear! Chef Giuseppe Zucchini talks...
The letter v
The Letter V
Thank God for velcro, vultures and volcanoes! Giuseppe Zucchini makes cold potato soup (Vic
The letter x
The Letter X
Thank God for x-rays, exclamation points and T. rexes! Giuseppe Zucchini cooks up a Tex-Mex
The letter w
The Letter W
Thank God for water, weather and the whole wide world! Giuseppe Zucchini makes watermelon...
The letter y
The Letter Y
Thank God for yaks, yawning and yo-yos! Giuseppe Zucchini tells some yummy jokes.
The letter z
The Letter Z
Thank God for zebras, zippers and Zamboni drivers! Giuseppe Zucchini tries to not cook...
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