Fantastic world adventures in values
Fantastic World Adventures in Values
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Brothers Bill and Charles learn lessons about values like courage and honesty through adventures with their friends Cranky the Cactus and Mr. Face.
Runtime: 08m 08s
Patience pays a lesson in waiting
Patience Pays: A Lesson in Waiting - 1 of 10
Charles has trouble figuring out how to put together a model airplane, but his lack of patience makes it difficult for him to get it done. Finally, he learns that patience pays!
Runtime: 08m 08s
When we lie others cry a lesson in honesty
When We Lie Others Cry: A Lesson in Honesty - 2 of 10
Charles wants an adventure, and tells a fib to Bill and his friends. Ephesians 4:25.
Runtime: 07m 43s
Keep the plus sign in mind a lesson in encouragement
Keep the Plus Sign in Mind: A Lesson in Encouragement - 3 of 10
Bill "Roundhouse" Peterson injures himself while training for a roundhouse kick competition. His friends encourage him and let him know that he'll be fine for the next event! 1... Read More
Runtime: 07m 45s
Make time to be kind  a lesson in kindness
Make Time to Be Kind: A Lesson in Kindness - 4 of 10
Sunny the Sunflower needs water, but Cranky Cactus won't help
Runtime: 07m 42s
Never fear god is near a lesson in courage
Never Fear God is Near: A Lesson in Courage - 4 of 10
Mr. Face has a cavity.
Runtime: 07m 53s
Dundilly you a lesson in compassion
Dundilly You: A Lesson in Compassion - 5 of 10
Bill and Charles try to avoid a sick Cranky.
Runtime: 07m 06s
Friends first self second a lesson in selflessness
Friends First, Self Second: A Lesson in Selflessness - 6 of 10
Moustache leaves Bill for being selfish.
Runtime: 08m 12s
Forgiveness is freedom a lesson in letting go of anger
Forgiveness is Freedom: A Lesson in Letting Go of Anger - 7 of 10
Charles pretends to be Bill, who gets angry.
Runtime: 08m 33s
Handle with care a lesson in gentleness
Handle With Care: A Lesson in Gentleness - 8 of 10
Charles tries to battle Monster the lizard.
Runtime: 07m 27s
Get sticky with it a lesson in perseverance
Get Sticky With It: A Lesson in Perseverance - 9 of 10
Bill and Charles try to move a bookshelf, and Bill gets stuck.
Runtime: 08m 01s