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Everyday Emmanuel
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Christmastime can become overrun with to-do lists and errands. This year, break the stressful cycle and create meaningful time together as a family by celebrating advent by... Read More
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What is advent
What is Advent? - 1 of 7
Sunday School Lady and Pastor Paul explain to Buck how he can celebrate Christmas for four whole weeks during Advent!
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An advent poem
An Advent Poem - 2 of 7
Buck recites a poem all about Advent!
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Why do we call it christmas
Why Do We Call It Christmas? - 3 of 7
Why do we even call Christmas “Christmas”? Join Brother Louie as he explains to Chuck Waggin where the word originally came from.
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Why do we have christmas trees
Why do we have Christmas trees? - 4 of 7
Marcy wonders what Christmas trees have to do with Jesus and Sunday School Lady has the answer!
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Who is santa claus
Who is Santa Claus? - 5 of 7
Join Clive as he explains to his friends who exactly Santa Claus is!
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Who is emmanuel
Who is Emmanuel? - 6 of 7
Join Buck Denver and Friends as they explain how Emmanuel is another name for Jesus!
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Luke 2
Luke 2 - 7 of 7
Phil reads the story of the birth of Jesus from Luke 2.
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