Easter week 5 minute family devotional
Easter Week - 5 Minute Family Devotional
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Wondering how to make the most of Easter with your family? Check out the 5 Minute Family Devotional from JellyTelly! Eight days of short video devotionals will help your family... Read More
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Ewd day01 palmsunday
Palm Sunday - 1 of 8
Looking for ways to talk about Palm Sunday with your kids, but not sure where to begin? This 5 Minute Family Video Devotional will guide you through a video, scripture, prayer and... Read More
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Ewd day02 monday
Monday - 2 of 8
God keeps his promises! Learn all about how Jesus fulfills a great big promise that God made to David in 2 Samuel in this 5 Minute Family Devotional.
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Ewd day03 tuesday
Tuesday - 3 of 8
Learn Jesus' teaching about how the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed in this 5 Minute Family Devotional.
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Ewd day04 wednesday
Wednesday - 4 of 8
Journey all the way back to Exodus to learn about the first Passover and how it relates to Jesus' death and resurrection in today's JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotional.
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Ewd day05 maundythursday
Maundy Thursday - 5 of 8
Thursday of Easter Week is known as Maundy Thursday, and it marks Jesus celebrating the Last Supper with his disciples. Learn about the history of communion and why we still... Read More
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Ewd day06 goodfriday
Good Friday - 6 of 8
On Good Friday, the JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotional shows how Jesus was put on trial and died for our sin. We learn about Jesus’ betrayal and his trial in front of the... Read More
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Ewd day07 holysaturday
Holy Saturday - 7 of 8
The Saturday of Easter week reminds us how Jesus died on the Cross and was put in a tomb, and is an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us.
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Ewd day08 eastersunday
Easter Sunday - 8 of 8
It’s Easter Sunday! Today we celebrate Jesus’ glorious resurrection. He is risen!
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