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Learn all about Jesus and new life in these shows all about Easter!
Runtime: 28m 12s
The jesus series easter   read and share bible
The Jesus Series: Easter - Read and Share Bible - 1 of 15
This episode of the Jesus series tells the story of Easter-- Jesus' death and resurrection. Jesus died to make it possible for us to be with God again. Witness the powerful Easter... Read More
Runtime: 28m 12s
The messiah has come   buck denver asks whats in the bible
The Messiah Has Come - Buck Denver Asks... What's in the BIble? - 2 of 15
The Messiah has come: Learn about the life and ministry of Jesus - how he died for us and rose again to launch the kingdom of God in the world and in us!
Runtime: 38m 25s
The good news   theo presents
The Good News - Theo Presents - 3 of 15
In this episode, Theo shares the good news – the gospel. He explains that we all fall short because of a problem called sin. All human beings have sinned and are in desperate need... Read More
Runtime: 05m 15s
Smackdown easter   kidmo
Smackdown: Easter - Kidmo - 4 of 15
El Salvador returns to the ring to save the brothers from the powerful El Pecado. His self-sacrificing actions remind us of Jesus taking the punishment for each of us so that we... Read More
Runtime: 12m 52s
The jesus movie   read and share bible
The Jesus Movie - Read and Share Bible - 5 of 15
The Jesus Movie begins in Nazareth, where we meet Mary and Joseph. They travel to Bethlehem where Mary gives birth to Jesus. Jesus grows older and begins his ministry, teaching... Read More
Runtime: 01h 20m 47s
Messiahs promise   stevies trek
Messiah's Promise - Stevie's Trek - 6 of 15
On this final trek, Stevie concludes his journey through the land where it all happened! Have you ever wanted to float on the Sea of Galilee and see where Jesus grew up and where... Read More
Runtime: 31m 26s
The servant king   the jesus storybook bible
The Servant King - The Jesus Storybook Bible - 7 of 15
Witness Jesus cleaning his disciples' feet and sharing his last meal.
Runtime: 05m 38s
A dark night in the garden   the jesus storybook bible
A Dark Night In The Garden - The Jesus Storybook Bible - 8 of 15
Experience the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Runtime: 05m 31s
The sun stops shining   the jesus storybook bible
The Sun Stops Shining - The Jesus Storybook Bible - 9 of 15
Experience the grief Jesus willingly goes through in order to save us from sin.
Runtime: 05m 35s
Gods wonderful surprise   the jesus storybook bible
God's Wonderful Surprise - The Jesus Storybook Bible - 10 of 15
Experience Mary and her friends' joy when Jesus rises from his tomb to live again.
Runtime: 05m 33s
John 316 for god so loved the world   the rizers
John 3:16 (For God So Loved the World) - The Rizers - 11 of 15
Join the Rizers as they sing John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
Runtime: 02m 45s
One two three   yancy and friends
One, Two, Three - Yancy and Friends - 12 of 15
“One, Two, Three / Jesus is alive,” is an easy way for kids to understand that Jesus is alive.
Runtime: 02m 47s
The bunny song   yancy and friends
The Bunny Song - Yancy and Friends - 13 of 15
A fun song for Easter to teach kids that it’s not about a bunny but that Jesus is alive. Easter is all about J-E-S-U-S.
Runtime: 02m 32s
Its a happy day   yancy and friends
It's a Happy Day - Yancy and Friends - 14 of 15
Strike up the band. This song is a party. You’ll be singing along in no time, clapping, dancing and celebrating that Jesus is alive. Easter is a happy, happy day indeed!
Runtime: 02m 21s
Happy easter   davey  goliath holiday specials
Happy Easter - Davey & Goliath Holiday Specials - 15 of 15
Davey learns why Easter is such an important celebration. Note: this episode of Davey and Goliath deals with the death of Davey’s beloved grandmother. While the message of the... Read More
Runtime: 29m 30s