Davey and goliath holiday specials
Davey and Goliath Holiday Specials
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Watch these holiday specials with some of our favorite clay friends Davey & Goliath!
Runtime: 44m 14s
Snowboard christmas
Snowboard Christmas - 1 of 7
Follow Davey and his talking dog Goliath on an exciting snowboarding adventure. Davey learns some important lessons about the real meaning of Christmas and about respecting people... Read More
Runtime: 44m 14s
Christmas lost and found
Christmas Lost and Found - 2 of 7
Davey learns the real meaning of Christmas when he gives his part as a Wise Man to another boy.
Runtime: 29m 47s
New year promise
New Year Promise - 3 of 7
Sally and Davey have a New Year's fight, and Sally runs away from home thinking Davey doesn't love her.
Runtime: 29m 10s
Happy easter
Happy Easter - 4 of 7
Davey copes with the sudden death of his beloved Grandmother Hansen and learns why Easter is such an important celebration.
Runtime: 29m 30s
Halloween who dun it
Halloween Who-Dun-It - 5 of 7
Davey, Goliath, and Sally go on a Halloween adventure where mistaken identities cause hurt feelings.
Runtime: 29m 25s
School who needs it
School... Who Needs It? - 6 of 7
Davey and the Jickets rebel against going to school, but an understanding teacher shows them the value of school.
Runtime: 28m 49s
To the rescue
To the Rescue - 8 of 7
At Roaring River Camp, Davey, Goliath and friends rescue the victims of a plane crash.
Runtime: 28m 54s