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Davey and Goliath
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This stop-motion animated series from the makers of Gumby features Davey Hansen and his talking dog Goliath! Storylines carry uplifting, moral lessons on topics such as... Read More
Runtime: 15m 09s
Lost in a cave
Lost in a Cave - 1 of 65
Davey remembers being separated from his family while touring a cave. Just like Jesus going after the lost sheep, the tour guide rescues Davey.
Runtime: 15m 09s
Stranded on an island
Stranded on an Island - 2 of 65
When the tide turns, Davey, Sally and Goliath are stranded on an island.
Runtime: 15m 10s
The wild goat
The Wild Goat - 3 of 65
Davey and Goliath rescue a wild goat from under a heavy tree branch.
Runtime: 15m 10s
The winner
The Winner - 4 of 65
Envious of his friend Mike, Davey enters a soap box derby.
Runtime: 15m 12s
The new skates
The New Skates - 5 of 65
Disobeying his mother, Davey skates on thin ice and falls through. Thankfully, Goliath is there to rescue him.
Runtime: 15m 09s
Cousin barney
Cousin Barney - 6 of 65
Davey is amazed that his father continues to show affection to Barney, Davey's annoying cousin who's in town for a visit.
Runtime: 13m 38s
The kite
The Kite - 7 of 65
Davey, Jimmy and Teddy try to fly a kite, but too many hands result in disaster.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The family of god
The Family of God - 7 of 65
Davey helps his friend Cisco understand what communion is by explaining that we all are invited to be part of God's family through the Lord's Supper.
Runtime: 14m 14s
The mechanical man
The Mechanical Man - 8 of 65
Davey is fascinated by a new remote-controlled robot toy... until he realizes that it cannot love.
Runtime: 15m 09s
The time machine
The Time Machine - 9 of 65
Through imaginary trips in a "time machine," Davey, Sally and Goliath learn that God's love transcends time.
Runtime: 14m 58s
On the line
On the Line - 10 of 65
Davey makes a string telephone and talks to his parents to show his friends how it's possible to talk to God even though we can't see him.
Runtime: 15m 10s
The polka dot tie
The Polka Dot Tie - 11 of 65
Davey and friends reject Nat because he wears a funny tie, but they soon realize that God rejects no one.
Runtime: 14m 59s
All alone
All Alone - 12 of 65
During a family outing, Davey hitches a ride on a train. Trapped inside all by himself, he's comforted by remembering that God is everywhere.
Runtime: 15m 08s
The pilgrim boy
The Pilgrim Boy - 13 of 65
Davey learns about the Pilgrims through flashback.
Runtime: 14m 06s
The silver mine
The Silver Mine - 14 of 65
Ignoring "Danger" signs, Davey finds himself trapped in an abandoned mine and must rely on Sally and Goliath for help.
Runtime: 15m 11s
Ten pin alley
Ten-Pin Alley - 15 of 65
Davey fears parental rejection when he doesn't make the track team.
Runtime: 14m 04s
Boy lost
Boy Lost - 16 of 65
Davey gets separated from his dad while visiting the carnival. Though he's frightened, Davey's sure his father will find him.
Runtime: 15m 02s
A sudden storm
A Sudden Storm - 17 of 65
During a family vacation, the Hansens get caught in a storm and the power goes out.
Runtime: 15m 02s
The bell ringer
The Bell Ringer - 18 of 65
Davey helps out Mr. Opp, a bell ringer at Davey's church, by winding clocks while Mr. Opp is out of town.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Not for sale
Not For Sale - 19 of 65
After he loses one of his father's skis, Davey learns he can't buy forgiveness.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The shoemaker
The Shoemaker - 20 of 65
At first suspicious of an immigrant shoemaker, Davey learns compassion for the man and his sick wife.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The runaway
The Runaway - 21 of 65
Davey runs off to the circus, but the boredom of daily work sends him back home where he belongs.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Officer bob
Officer Bob - 22 of 65
Davey breaks his bike when he disobeys Officer Bob's warning about riding on handlebars.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The parade
The Parade - 23 of 65
Joining a parade, Davey and Goliath hope to win a prize-A pony. Goliath stars as a fierce lion.
Runtime: 15m 01s
The dog show
The Dog Show - 24 of 65
Davey enters Goliath in a doggie talent show, but when Davey falls ill, Goliath is unable to perform his rollerskating act.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Down on the farm
Down on the Farm - 25 of 65
Davey tries his hand at gardening but is neglectful of his chores. He learns that while God sends sun and rain, it's up to him to do the rest.
Runtime: 14m 58s
The waterfall
The Waterfall - 26 of 65
Davey attempts to rescue Goliath after he falls in a river. Together they go over a waterfall, and Davey must help an injured Goliath.
Runtime: 15m 01s
Happy landing
Happy Landing - 27 of 65
Davey compares his neighbor Hank to God after watching him do his job as an air traffic controller, but Hank quickly sets Davey straight.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Editor in chief
Editor In Chief - 28 of 65
As editor-in-chief of his own small newspaper, Davey lands a big scoop... but he turns it over to the real newspaper's editor-in-chief.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Man of the house
Man of the House - 29 of 65
When John and Elaine Hansen leave the house for the day, Davey and Sally get permission to stay by themselves. Davey soon learns that privilege and responsibility go hand in hand.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Bully up a tree
Bully up a Tree - 30 of 65
Davey and Goliath get into a fight with a bully and his dog, but when Davey sees the boy in trouble later, he forgives him.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The big apple
The Big Apple - 31 of 65
Davey learns to share with fatherless farm boy Bill.
Runtime: 14m 59s
The bridge
The Bridge - 32 of 65
Using his ingenuity, Davey rescues Sally after a foot bridge they're walking on breaks.
Runtime: 15m 01s
The jickets
The Jickets - 33 of 65
Davey gets thrown out of the Jickets club following a disagreement with other club members.
Runtime: 14m 49s
The lemonade stand
The Lemonade Stand - 34 of 65
After Mr. Hansen fixes Sally's doll carriage instead of helping Davey build a lemonade stand, a jealous Davey soon learns that his father loves both his children equally.
Runtime: 15m 00s
Hocus pocus
Hocus Pocus - 35 of 65
Davey and Teddy help help Lorenzo the magician with his magic act. They learn that magicians only do tricks... but God's miracles are real.
Runtime: 14m 59s
Good neighbor
Good Neighbor - 36 of 65
While his friends get "good neighbor" balloons, Davey proves himself a truly good neighbor by helping a little lost girl find her way home.
Runtime: 14m 59s
A diller a dollar
A Diller, A Dollar - 37 of 65
Davey and Teddy are sent to Principal Denny's office for tardiness, but to their surprise the principal is understanding.
Runtime: 14m 59s
Rags and buttons
Rags and Buttons - 38 of 65
Sally is crowned queen at a festival, but she loses her favorite rag doll in the process. Davey helps find it for her.
Runtime: 14m 59s
Jeep in the deep
Jeep in the Deep - 39 of 65
During a ferry ride, the Hansen family jeep falls overboard. Davey and his father go scuba diving to search for it.
Runtime: 15m 00s
The stopped clock
The Stopped Clock - 40 of 65
Feeling rejected, Davey imagines a world without others-- including Goliath! He quickly decides that this world is not for him.
Runtime: 14m 21s
Who me
Who Me? - 41 of 65
After being lazy, Davey gets a dose of his own medicine. He learns that helping others around the house is one way of showing love.
Runtime: 14m 26s
If at first you dont succeed
If At First You Don't Succeed - 42 of 65
Davey decides to become a champion bowler and Sally a concert pianist; however, they quickly learn that it takes effort to achieve lofty goals.
Runtime: 14m 13s
Finders keepers
Finders Keepers - 43 of 65
Davey finds a ten dollar bill and buys a collar for Goliath... but the collar is tainted when purchased with money that doesn't belong to them.
Runtime: 14m 18s
Kookaburra - 44 of 65
Davey experiences negative repercussions after cheating on a test. He eventually confesses to his father, his teacher, and God.
Runtime: 14m 17s
The caretakers
The Caretakers - 45 of 65
Thoughtlessly, Davey pours paint down a well. When he sees others suffering because of his misdeed, he realizes that we're all responsible for taking care of God's world.
Runtime: 14m 25s
The hard way
The Hard Way - 46 of 65
Davey ignores "Do Not Touch" signs in a museum. He swings from a dinosaur skeleton's neck and cracks a bone.
Runtime: 14m 24s
Rickety rackety
Rickety-Rackety - 47 of 65
Davey's friend Larry is afraid he won't make the gym team. Larry wants to break school furniture to ease his frustration, but Davey stops him.
Runtime: 14m 22s
Help! - 48 of 65
Davey's friend Jonathan is rescued by Officer Dan. Both boys learn appreciation for their police officer friend.
Runtime: 14m 05s
Boy in trouble
Boy in Trouble - 49 of 65
Davey and Jonathan help Tommy, a poor boy in their neighborhood, by collecting soda bottles for money.
Runtime: 14m 13s
The greatest
The Greatest - 50 of 65
Davey has trouble with Nicky, a new boy who continually boasts about his dad. Davey feels compassion when he learns Nicky doesn't actually have a father.
Runtime: 14m 24s
Whos george
Who's George - 51 of 65
Davey and Goliath learn about the saying "let George do it" when they visit Jonathan.
Runtime: 14m 19s
Six seven six three
Six-Seven-Six-Three - 52 of 65
Davey learns responsible pet ownership after Goliath is dog-napped.
Runtime: 14m 26s
The zillion dollar combo
The Zillion Dollar Combo - 53 of 65
When Davey, Jonathan, and Mickey form a band, the boys must choose between a paying gig and performing for free at a children's hospital.
Runtime: 14m 17s
Upside down and backwards
Upside Down and Backwards - 54 of 65
When Davey and Goliath are home alone and the electricity fails during a severe storm, Davey panics. Later he imagines what he should have done.
Runtime: 14m 16s
Louder please
Louder Please - 55 of 65
A deaf neighbor teaches Davey to appreciate all the sounds in the world around him.
Runtime: 14m 04s
Ready or not
Ready or Not - 56 of 65
Davey, Goliath, and Jonathan help clean up a park that has fallen into disrepair since Jonathan's last visit.
Runtime: 14m 12s
Kum ba yah
Kum Ba Yah - 57 of 65
Davey and friends form a bell choir, but Davey gets angry with Cisco and refuses to perform until Davey remembers he has a responsibility to his group of friends.
Runtime: 14m 28s
Whatshisname - 58 of 65
Davey learns the real meaning of forgiveness when he is falsely accused of wrongdoing.
Runtime: 13m 26s
Pieces of eight
Pieces of Eight - 59 of 65
Fascinated by pirates and buried treasure, Davey buries a tin box containing the Jickets club treasury. When a hard rain washes away the box, Davey replaces the money.
Runtime: 14m 24s
Chicken - 60 of 65
Trying to prove he isn't chicken, Davey attempts a dangerous leap and winds up in the hospital. He learns it's better to be called "chicken" than to do something foolish.
Runtime: 14m 22s
Doghouse dreamhouse
Doghouse Dreamhouse - 61 of 65
After a rough start, Davey builds a doghouse for Goliath, whose original dog house was destroyed by a storm.
Runtime: 14m 24s
Good bad luck
Good Bad Luck - 62 of 65
Davey, Jonathan, and Goliath become lost on a school trip. Goliath, who is suffering from a cold, is unable to use his nose to lead them back to safety.
Runtime: 14m 21s
The watchdogs
The Watchdogs - 63 of 65
Davey witnesses a robbery, but doesn't want to get involved until Officer Dan and Mr. Hansen succeed in teaching Davey the real meaning of the Golden Rule. (No longer distributed.)
Runtime: 14m 15s
Come come to the fair
Come, Come to the Fair - 64 of 65
Davey's Sunday School class hosts a folk fair where the children learn about the ways different cultures celebrate and remember Jesus.
Runtime: 14m 26s