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Come on Over
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Join Joel, Brandy and more friends as they burst into song, whimsical make-believe, hands-on arts & crafts and more! Their creative backyard adventures teach everyone how... Read More
Runtime: 24m 54s
Lets wrap something in tinfoil
Let's Wrap Something in Tinfoil - 1 of 23
See the surprising ways Joel uses a box of tinfoil left by his secret admirer.
Runtime: 24m 54s
Making music
Making Music - 2 of 23
Brandy wants to play air guitar in the local talent show.
Runtime: 25m 55s
Express yourself
Express Yourself - 3 of 23
Brandy brings over her friend Joy, who is shy but has many hidden talents. Joel and Brandy encourage her to show them off at an "express yourself party" in the backyard.
Runtime: 25m 43s
Brandys grandy
Brandy's Grandy - 4 of 23
Watch Brandy travel through time to discover all there is to learn from “oldish people.”
Runtime: 24m 26s
Joys lost pet
Joy's Lost Pet - 5 of 23
When Joy loses her pet, Joel and gang help turn the neighborhood upside down as pirates, Caribbean beachcombers, and private detectives.
Runtime: 23m 49s
Working together is super duper
Working Together is Super Duper - 6 of 23
See what super super heroes Joel’s friends turn out to be – even as they face Frustrated Crabbypants Guy!
Runtime: 22m 31s
Puppet guts
Puppet Guts - 7 of 23
When Brandy promises Trenton an afternoon puppet show, see if Joel’s “puppet guts” are enough to get the job done.
Runtime: 23m 59s
Mi mi mi mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi - 8 of 23
Watch as the neighborhood tries to make Grandma Zippy’s new opera singer friend feel welcome.
Runtime: 23m 25s
Dance fever
Dance Fever - 9 of 23
Dancer Lindsey inspires Joel and Brandy with everything from ballet to the chicken dance.
Runtime: 24m 41s
Scaredy pants
Scaredy Pants - 10 of 23
While helping Joy through her fear of singing in public, her friends share their own fears. Look out for that dentist, Stevie!
Runtime: 22m 14s
Laughter is the best medicine
Laughter is the Best Medicine - 11 of 23
Mr. Flabbinjaw is feeling under the weather, so Joel, Brandy, Dr. FulOvit and Grandma Zippy use laughter to make him feel better.
Runtime: 25m 12s
Beeeeeeeees - 12 of 23
When a hive of bees invades Joel's garage, watch Brandy, Joel and Dr. FulOvit figure out what to do with the help of Grandma Zippy’s beekeeper friends Ruthie and Luis. Did... Read More
Runtime: 26m 48s
Brothers and sisters
Brothers and Sisters - 13 of 23
Join Joel, his “little” brother Stevie, Brandy and her “big” sister Candy as they relive the awesome ways they played as kids. Who’s that guy that looks like Mr. Flabbinjaw?
Runtime: 24m 47s
Moods - 14 of 23
Brandy is in a bad mood after her sister Candy borrows her shirt and gets it dirty. Joel attempts to cheer her up by exploring different moods.
Runtime: 23m 35s
Brainfreeze - 15 of 23
Joel's brain is frozen, and all his creativity is gone! Brandy calls the silliness doctors to the rescue. Will they be able to save Joel's brain?
Runtime: 25m 47s
Thespians - 16 of 23
Brandy gets expert help from real Broadway stars after she decides to audition for a play.
Runtime: 25m 24s
Tortoise and the hare
Tortoise and the Hare - 17 of 23
Joel’s search for inspiration to illustrate the fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare” ends up in a silly backyard musical.
Runtime: 25m 03s
Boreditis - 18 of 23
After too many video games leave Brandy stricken with "boreditis," only Emergency Plan X-- a big empty box-- has the power to cure her.
Runtime: 24m 38s
Eat right exercise and play
Eat Right, Exercise and Play - 19 of 23
After Joel’s late night, he realizes sugar is not the answer to more energy – play is!
Runtime: 26m 06s
Bubbles bubbles bubbles
Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! - 20 of 23
Bubble-ologist Dr. Fulovit helps Joel and Brandy play through the science of – what else? Bubbles!
Runtime: 23m 52s
Go green
Go Green - 21 of 23
Joy and Josh, the ultimate nature lovers, use animal parades and the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" games to show Joel fun ways to care for the earth.
Runtime: 25m 16s
Surprise its your birthday
Surprise, It's Your Birthday - 22 of 23
Watch as Joel and Brandy help Luis and Ruthie throw an especially creative surprise birthday party for their granddaughter Marta. It’s especially creative because it’s not even... Read More
Runtime: 26m 23s
Storytelling - 23 of 23
Watch the silly story Brandy creates with the help of friends director Greg, Steve the super cool guitar player and Susannah the poet.
Runtime: 26m 57s