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Cherub Wings includes a celestial array of songs, storytelling, object lessons and interviews with children that teaches as well as entertains. Each episode includes a visualized... Read More
Runtime: 25m 03s
Little things
Little Things - 1 of 16
Little Things teaches children that even the little things we do for God can have big effects!
Runtime: 25m 03s
Gratitude attitude
Gratitude Attitude - 2 of 16
Children will learn that God wants us to be thankful in all things.
Runtime: 25m 14s
Angel song
Angel Song - 3 of 16
This is a heartwarming presentation of the first Christmas that will help young children understand the true meaning of this occasion.
Runtime: 22m 45s
Follow the leader
Follow The Leader - 4 of 16
In this episode, through the example of Samuel who dedicated his life to God's service, we learn that we're never too young to hear God's call.
Runtime: 25m 24s
Heavens troopers
Heaven's Troopers - 5 of 16
Children see how God can use young people to serve Him just as Daniel, Samuel and Josiah did.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Never outta sight
Never Outta Sight - 6 of 16
Join Cherub as he entertainingly shows how much God does care about each one of us personally and individually.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Moldy gold
Moldy Gold - 7 of 16
Join Cherub as he takes us through an adventurous treasure hunt in search of eternal jewels left for us to discover in God's Word!
Runtime: 00m 00s
Ooops sorry
Ooops! Sorry! - 8 of 16
Children will discover how they only hurt themselves when they hold grudges and refuse to forgive.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Out of bounds
Out of Bounds - 9 of 16
This Cherub Wings adventure brings great delight while highlighting the benefits of healthy guidelines.
Runtime: 00m 00s
And it was so
And It Was So! - 10 of 16
In this episode, children will learn that by accepting Jesus' gift of forgiveness, they can receive him as Savior.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Shine your light
Shine Your Light - 11 of 16
Through poems, stories and songs, children will learn that even just a little light can go a long way!
Runtime: 00m 00s
Kings castle
King's Castle - 12 of 16
Children will learn that God is more important than material things or money.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Bold and brave
Bold and Brave - 13 of 16
Join Cherub and Chubby in this entertainingly heroic episode that encourages each one of us to be a bold and brave follower of God's Son!
Runtime: 00m 00s
Little heroes
Little Heroes - 14 of 16
From the Cherub Wings series, this program teaches children about respecting others and showing kindness and courtesy.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Choices choices
Choices, Choices! - 15 of 16
This episode teaches children the benefits of heeding the Bible and praying when faced with difficult choices.
Runtime: 00m 00s
Songs to live by
Songs to Live By - 16 of 16
A fun-filled hour of the very best kid music videos from the popular “Cherub Wings” animated series. Your children will enjoy this musical and visual extravaganza while learning... Read More
Runtime: 00m 00s