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Bugtime Adventures
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Join these bug friends and learn about some of your favorite Sunday school stories!
Runtime: 23m 40s
Blessing in disguise
Blessing in Disguise - 1 of 13
Joseph now holds power over his brothers and is faced with the choice of forgiveness versus revenge.
Runtime: 23m 40s
A giant problem
A Giant Problem - 2 of 13
Little David gathers five smooth stones and steps forward in faith to fight a giant called Goliath.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Against the wall
Against the Wall - 3 of 13
The Hebrew people are heading for the Promised Land, but the enemy city of Jericho stands in their way-- until a woman named Rahab agrees to help.
Runtime: 23m 41s
Youre all wet
You're All Wet - 4 of 13
King Ahab and Queen Jezebel refuse to follow God's commandments, so the prophet Elijah proposes a contest between himself and the prophets of the false god, Baal.
Runtime: 23m 41s
Construction woes
Construction Woes - 5 of 13
Nimrod oversees the construction of a huge tower intended to reach all the way up to God... but God has a plan to stop the building project.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Not to bee
Not to Bee - 6 of 13
Brave Queen Esther risks her life to go before the king and ask him to spare the lives of the Israelites.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Keep the trust
Keep the Trust - 7 of 13
In a weak moment, Samson breaks his vow to God and reveals his secret... only to discover he has lost his strength.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Its the pits
It's the Pits - 8 of 13
Daniel is thrown into the lions' den after he's discovered praying to God.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Whats a manna with you
What's a Manna With You? - 9 of 13
Moses encourages the children of Israel to trust God, but their lack of faith results in them wandering for many years.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Riding for a fall
Riding for a Fall - 10 of 13
Naaman, a general in the army, returns home after a victorious battle. Unfortunately in his absence Naaman's leprosy has spread.
Runtime: 23m 43s
Joy to the world
Joy to the World - 11 of 13
When an angel appears to Mary and explains that she will have God's baby, Mary agrees to do whatever God would have her do.
Runtime: 23m 41s
A lot to swallow
A Lot to Swallow - 12 of 13
Jonah is given a mission by God, but he chooses to disobey and instead boards a ship going the wrong direction.
Runtime: 23m 44s
Scare tactics
Scare Tactics - 13 of 13
Despite his doubts, Gideon follows God's precise instructions in leading a small army into battle against the Midianites... and the Israelites are victorious.
Runtime: 23m 43s