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Buck Denver's Mailbag

Buck Denver, the famous newscaster from Buck Denver Asks...What's In the Bible, shares the latest Jelly News and checks his mailbag to answer all kinds of questions - from "How does God perform miracles?" to "Why do dogs lick their noses?"

80 Episodes
Series Episodes
What does Zibbady-zabbady-zoo Mean?
What's your favorite computer? Do you own any cool sports cars? What does Zibbady-zabb
Why Did the Puppet Cross the Road pt 1
How old are you? Am I too old for JellyTelly? Do you like Cheerios on your ice cream? How...
Why Did the Puppet Cross the Road pt 2
Puppet crossing the road question answered! Your arms are so short... How can you hold lett
If You Could Bring One Thing to Heaven with You What Would it Be?
Puppet crossing the road answers! Where did you get your desk? Did you get your name from...
Why do we have to believe in God?
Why do we have to believe in God? Why did God create dinosaurs? Why does Jesus come back...
What is Sunday School Lady's name?
Did you want to be on the news when you were a baby? What's the little ninja's...
Have you ever touched a beehive?
Was your suit made specially for you? Have you ever touched a beehive? Why do oboe and...
How do you know all of the answers?
If you could meet Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, who would you choose? How do you...
Why is the show called JellyTelly?
What team do you cheer for in college basketball? Where did the name "JellyTelly"
Where Does Dr. Schniff get his Haircut?
Why does your station say JellyNews at the top? You never report news! NEWS: Kangaroo...
Are the Bentley Brothers twins?
News: A Chimpanzee was throwing rocks! Do you wear hair gel? Do you shave your armpits?...
Why did God make us?
News: A woman bit her son's principal. Is Daren Streblow a human? Why did God make us?
Name That Little Ninja
Name that little ninja contest entries.
Can you sing happy birthday to me?
Can you sing happy birthday to me? More thoughts on ice cream and Cheerios.
Should I become a priest, or an astronaut?
Buck explains that he gets a lot of letters and can't answer them all. When is your...
What did you do when you were young?
Name that ninja! Final five names... with a tie for first. Can we see Dr. Schniff's...
How can I share God's wisdom with others?
Do you have stock in Cheerios or ice cream? How can I share God's wisdom with others?
What's your favorite kind of music?
News: Nun stampede! If you could be anything besides a puppet, what would you be? If you...
How do you do your hair?
Do you play any sports like soccer, cricket, or NFL? How do you do your hair? Why don
How can I stop my siblings from fighting?
News: A Chihuahua found its way home after tornado! A letter complaining about weather...
How do I know what God wants me to do?
News: Bees swarm around the new Bee Movie. Have you ever gotten your head stuck in a...
You have a big head, but that's how God made you
News: A man poked holes in tires. Does your hair naturally have a curve to it? You have a...
What is your favorite book of the Bible?
News: A baby bought a digger online! Are you allergic to anything? If the flavanoids in...
Do you like God Rocks?
News: A Jellyfish Crop Circle! You said you didn't have any siblings, but then you...
Why do dogs lick their noses?
News: A bear crawled through a doggy door! Do you have an assistant? Why do dogs lick...
Do you believe we have guardian angels?
News: A Marmot walked into a diner. Do you know the person who voices Bob the Tomato? Do...
Did you make up the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"
News: A sea lion hijacked a fireboat! How did your show get started? How old are you? Did...
I named our turtle after you...
News: A Japanese race down a river in laundry tubs! Do you memorize your answers? How...
Does your aunt Ruth have a beard?
News: A home was attacked by a giant hot dog!? Does your aunt Ruth have a beard? Is the...
Why did God create the human world?
News: Eli was rescued from a sink hole. What instrument do you play? Why did God create...
How much does God love us?
News: Maine's Annual Codfish race. How did Dr. Schniff disappear from the screen on...
How do I apologize to my friend?
News: 482 cartwheelers set a record! Have you ever lived in Colorado? Have you ever...
Why do they name hurricanes after people?
News: 2,500 Indonesians scuba diving record. Why do they name hurricanes after people?...
Do you wear normal underwear or superhero underwear?
News: A man robbed a pharmacy. Do you wear normal underwear or superhero underwear? Did...
Do you ever change your suit?
News: A python was found in someone's backyard! Do you ever have a caveman day? What...
How can I stop being mean to my brother?
News: The world's largest cupcake! What's your assistant's name? How can I...
Why did God make angels?
News: A squirrel snuck into a family picture. Have you ever skydived? Matthew sent in a...
Does God have a tail?
News: A kid faked his own kidnapping to avoid sharing grades with his parents! Please don&#
How can I stop feeling nervous at my new school?
How can I stop feeling nervous at my new school?
What's your pastor's name?
News: It's our 40th show! Buck decides to take a nap. Illinois doesn't have a...
How do dogs get their fur?
Buck tries to take a nap again. Why does Ehud only have one blade on his knife in the...
If God knows everything, why did He create Satan?
News: Fake zebras at a zoo in Kaza. Do you have a wife? Do you get my letters? Do you...
Do you have a grandma?
News: Chicago didn't get the 2016 Olympics. Carver the hairy nosed wombat died. What&#
Buck reviews Big Things in the News!
Buck reviews Big Things in the News! Do you have any babysitting tips? Would you jump on...
Do you ever go golfing with Pastor Paul?
More Big things in the news! Will you sing Rocky Top Tennessee for me? If you have a big...
Why does God let people do bad things?
News: A couple hit an elephant with their SUV. Can puffins fly and swim? Do they have...
What is the JellyTelly main symbol?
News: A man crashed an expensive car into a marsh. What's an arthropod? If you were...
If God was the first person ever, how did He get made?
News: A chocolate lab dressed in a BP shirt and greeted customers at a drive thru window!...
Do you ever take a bath?
Can you play Super Smash Bros? Do you ever take a bath? Are you a finger puppet or a hand...
How do I help my friends not feel left out?
Merry Christmas! An elf is in jail! Have you ever played the Shawn White snowboarding Wii...
Is it true God will make a new earth?
News: It's the end of 2009! What's it like to know Phil? What's the...
How does God perform miracles?
Happy New Year! It's 2010! News: A man drove over a hot dog stand. You can't...
Why did Satan turn away from God?
News: A cow was found in a swimming pool! Why did Satan turn away from God? What will God...
Buck explains evolution, and discusses how we should respond to it.
Do you like Narnia?
News: A hippo escaped from a zoo. Do you have a fear of staplers? How can I make new...
Is all the stuff in the Bible really real?
News: London Holiday Inn offers a bed warming service. Are you depressed that Carver died?
Why did Eve eat the fruit?
News: A woman was attacked by a stuffed moose! What's your favorite toothpaste? Does...
What is the longest verse in the Bible?
News: A chicken ran through traffic in Hollywood! Why don't you have the movie of...
How is it possible for Jesus to be perfect?
News: 160th anniversary of the kazoo! Do you have a brain? Can you wear different clothes?
What's in the Bible?
News: The new What's in the Bible? DVD series is out! Ian interviews Buck.
Is there a platypus in your break room?
Why are you holding ski poles? What's your favorite thing to eat? Have you ever...
How was Jesus God's Son?
News: Trees wearing sweaters! How was Jesus God's Son? How can the Father, Son, and...
Do you own a Snuggie®?
News: Legos patched up holes in NY. Why do you wear the same clothes every day? I want to...
How can my sister and I share God's love?
News: Easter has come and gone! Easter bunnies invade Long Beach city. What happened to...
Can you sing one chapter of the Bible?
News: A man was kicked off a council for spending too much time on Facebook. Can you sing...
What was God doing before He made the earth?
News: Packing tape as sculpting material! What was God doing before He made the earth? Do...
What's your favorite story in the Bible?
News: In Dublin you have to pay to use the bathroom on an airplane!? It's almost May!
Why do people laugh?
News: Wild animals are on the loose in Australia! (Reasked question from Ep 66. Katie--...
How do you we know that the Bible is true?
News: A whale painted a picture! Could you brush your hair nicer? I might have to move--...
Why does God love us?
News: There's a fake Phil Vischer in London! Have you ever ridden a horse? Do you...
Have you memorized any verses from the Bible?
News: A man dressed as an angel in Switzerland tells drivers to slow down. What's...
Have you ever played t-ball?
News: Perry the mastodon has moved! What do you think about Jacob's Ladder? Have you...
Did you go to college?
News: Jonathan Trapp crossed the English Channel! What's your middle name? Did you...
Do you like VeggieTales®?
News: People threw food back into a drive thru window! Do you like VeggieTales? Who's
How is God holy all the time?
News: A 74 year old woman was arrested for pouring mayonnaise into a library drop box! Is...
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
News: Happy Fourth of July! Have you ever played soccer? How much do you weigh, and how...
Have you ever danced The Nutcracker ballet?
News: A baked beans museum! What would you do if you had a hole and cotton came out of you?
Who made God?
News: Lucy, a 25 lbs African tortoise, ran away and then came back! Who would do your...
Can you do a show about the places in the Bible?
News: A 36 year old Australian was bitten by a crocodile. Have you ever heard of JBQ? Why...
Do you like video games?
News: Buck, do you like video games?