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Buck Denver Asks...What's In the Bible?

Newscaster Buck Denver and his friends go on a wacky, wonderful, educational and musical journey through the whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation! Learn how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell God's great rescue plan.

26 Episodes
Series Episodes
What is the Bible?
What is the Bible? How is it put together? Learn alongside Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady,
Who Wrote the Bible?
Who wrote the Bible? Next, Buck and friends learn how God inspired people to write the...
Who Chose the Books of the Bible?
Who chose the books of the Bible? Buck Denver and friends learn how the Old Testament and...
What is Salvation?
What is salvation? Learn words like “salvation” and “redemption” as we dive into God’s...
Don't Trim Your Beard?
Don’t lie, don’t cheat … don’t trim your beard? The Old Testament is full of rules, and...
What is a "Pentateuch"?
Learn about Israel’s 40-year “time-out” as we finish the first five books of the Bible!...
Finally, the Promised Land
This episode covers Joshua and tricky questions about fighting and killing in the Bible.
Cycle of Misery
This episode shows the Cycle of Misery and covers the time of the Judges and the Bible’s...
The People Want a King
1 Samuel and the life of Saul as Israel’s first king.
Kings Make Mistakes, Too
Covering 2 Samuel and the first chapter of 1 Kings, including the reigns of King David...
The Big Split
Israel is split in two, and the prophet Elijah faces off with 450 prophets of Baal to...
The End of Israel
A bunch of unfaithful kings lead to the end of Israel and Judah, but Isaiah has an...
Ezra & Nehemiah
The exile is over, but the Israelites face BIG challenges back home in Judah! The...
Brave Queen Esther
A brave young Jewish girl risks everything to save her people from doom at the hands of...
Poems in the Bible?
Learn about the Bible’s poetry, the amazing story of Job, and Psalms – the Bible’s song...
Wisdom from Above
Solomon shares his wisdom in the book of Proverbs, then Sunday School Lady finds the...
Prophets, Prophets Everywhere!
What's a prophet? And where do these 17 books fit in the history of Israel?
Messages of the Prophets
Meet the prophets that wrote these books and see what they tell us about God's big...
God's Perfect Timing
Buck Denver and crew learn about the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments and how...
The Messiah Has Come!
Learn about the life and ministry of Jesus - how he died for us and rose again to launch...
A Helper Arrives!
Buck Denver and friends learn about Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Then...
God Picks Paul
It will take a very special person to carry the Good News throughout the Roman world....
Letters from Paul!
Buck Denver and friends take a whirlwind tour through the 13 letters the Apostle Paul...
Good News in Action!
Dive deeper into Paul's letters and learn what it means to live as a follower of Jesus...
More Letters!
More Letters! Buck Denver and friends take us through more letters in the Bible: Hebrews,...
The Revelation of John
The last book of the Bible - Revelation - paints an amazing picture of God's Kingdom...