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Miles Peterson, a regular guy with the best the world had to offer, turned to God and the Bible in his most desperate hour and from then on pledged to fight evil with the word of... Read More
Runtime: 29m 03s
The six lies of the fibbler
The Six Lies of the Fibbler - 1 of 19
Bibleman comes face to face with one his most dastardly enemies: the Fibbler, a villain known for spreading lies and wreaking havoc. When the Fibbler uses his sneaky powers to... Read More
Runtime: 29m 03s
Silencing the gossip queen
Silencing the Gossip Queen - 2 of 19
With the help of her minions Loose Lips and Blabbermouth, the Gossip Queen tries to destroy the youth group! Before the youth group falls apart completely, Bibleman arrives on the... Read More
Runtime: 24m 31s
Defeating the shadow of doubt
Defeating the Shadow of Doubt - 3 of 19
While under the spell of the sinister Shadow of Doubt, Kayla begins to doubt God’s interest in her problems. When Bibleman and his trusted friend Coats come to her aid, the... Read More
Runtime: 36m 38s
The incredible force of joy
The Incredible Force of Joy - 4 of 19
When the Master of Misery steals joy from Michael, a gifted science student, even Bibleman is affected. With Coats and his spunky computer U.N.I.C.E. by his side, Bibleman learns... Read More
Runtime: 33m 40s
The fiendish works of dr fear
The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear - 5 of 19
When Dr. Fear and his cronies pool their devilish resources, even Bibleman and Curt Cooper-- the school’s star basketball player-- find themselves crippled by anxiety and fear. As... Read More
Runtime: 42m 01s
Conquering the wrath of rage
Conquering the Wrath of Rage - 6 of 19
The cunning El Furioso has crafted a new weapon: fury dust that enrages everyone it touches! When the villain targets a middle-schooler, Bibleman and Cypher come to the rescue....... Read More
Runtime: 35m 54s
Breaking the bonds of disobedience
Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience - 7 of 19
Luxor Spawndroth has devised a plan to trick Bibleman and actress Lia Martinez into disobeying God. By using his germ of disobedience, Luxor tries to convince Bibleman and Lia to... Read More
Runtime: 49m 06s
Lead us not into temptation
Lead Us Not into Temptation - 8 of 19
The infamous Luxor Spawndroth uses villainous software to tempt Cypher and young student Riley Watson to go back to their old unkind lifestyles. With help from Bibleman, Biblegirl... Read More
Runtime: 37m 57s
Jesus our savior
Jesus Our Savior - 9 of 19
Luxor Spawndroth makes his last mistake, but just when it seems safe to venture out, there comes an even more sinister, evil villain: Primordius Drool. Drool knows he can't... Read More
Runtime: 01h 07m 08s
A light in the darkness
A Light in the Darkness - 10 of 19
With plans to drench the world in a hopeless cloud of despair and darkness, the Wacky Protestor uses his concocted cloud to discourage Cory and give him deep feelings of despair.... Read More
Runtime: 40m 53s
Divided we fall
Divided We Fall - 11 of 19
The Wacky Protestor plans to take over the nation’s most popular children’s TV show with his own live satellite feed. The villain creates fake video footage to turn the heroes of... Read More
Runtime: 41m 31s
A fight for faith
A Fight For Faith - 12 of 19
The Wacky Protestor formulates a plan to create a world with no Christians, no churches, no Bibles and no God! Using his latest anti-Christian invention, the... Read More
Runtime: 50m 54s
Terminating the toxic tonic of disrespect
Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect - 13 of 19
Something is very wrong with the local little league team-- they’re dissing each other and their coaches, and everyone is miserable. At least they’re all enjoying the new M-Pow-R... Read More
Runtime: 35m 10s
Tuning out the unholy hero
Tuning Out The Unholy Hero - 14 of 19
Soon after I.M. Wonderful is foiled, along comes 2Kul-4Skul, anchor of a new kids TV network called WBIG (What’s-Bad-Is-Good.) 2Kul's passion is foiling the gospel of Jesus... Read More
Runtime: 38m 06s
Crushing the conspiracy of the cheater
Crushing the Conspiracy of the Cheater - 15 of 19
At a Bible bowl, sneakster villain The Cheater promises young Jake and Emily success without hard work. The Bible Adventure team helps the kids resist the slick con man and do the... Read More
Runtime: 30m 59s
Lambasting the legions of laziness
Lambasting the Legions of Laziness - 16 of 19
How will Bibleman counteract the Laser of Laziness that has paralyzed his colleagues? Teaches a lesson based on Proverbs 18:9.
Runtime: 30m 14s
Blasting the gamemaster bully
Blasting the Gamemaster Bully - 17 of 19
Super Pro Gamemaster III is leading kids down a deadly path with his new video game “Big Bad Bully.” With the help of our caped adventurers and Ecclesiastes 4:12, the kids... Read More
Runtime: 32m 43s
In the presence of enemies
In the Presence of Enemies - 18 of 19
Six evil villains team up to wipe out Bibleman once and for all. Will the Bible Adventure Team fall?
Runtime: 29m 19s
Combating the commandant of confusion
Combating the Commandant of Confusion - 19 of 19
The Commandant of Confusion and his sidekick Chaos steal the Bible Adventure Team's powerful secret weapon. Will the Team be able to recover it?
Runtime: 36m 47s