Awesome bible adventures
Awesome Bible Adventures
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Join Julie as she shares exciting Bible stories of faith and action and shows how cool it is to learn the Bible and love God!
Runtime: 19m 05s
Noahs incredible voyage
Noah's Incredible Voyage - 1 of 10
Noah and his family escape a worldwide flood.
Runtime: 19m 05s
Moses receives the ten commandments
Moses Receives the Ten Commandments - 2 of 10
Moses receives the law from God.
Runtime: 18m 37s
Davids mighty battle
David's Mighty Battle - 3 of 10
David defeats the giant Goliath.
Runtime: 20m 03s
Joshuas awesome victory
Joshua's Awesome Victory - 4 of 10
Joshua and the Iraelites bring down the walls of Jericho.
Runtime: 14m 29s
Escape from the fiery furnace
Escape from the Fiery Furnace - 5 of 10
Three friends escape certain death with God's help.
Runtime: 18m 21s
Samsons super strength
Samson's Super Strength - 6 of 10
The incredible strength and faith of Samson.
Runtime: 20m 22s
Lots amazing escape
Lot's Amazing Escape - 7 of 10
Lot escapes a burning city.
Runtime: 18m 43s
Moses great escape
Moses' Great Escape - 8 of 10
Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt.
Runtime: 18m 32s
God destroys the tower of babel
God Destroys the Tower of Babel - 9 of 10
The Tower of Babel is destroyed.
Runtime: 15m 30s
Jesus amazing miracles
Jesus' Amazing Miracles - 10 of 10
Jesus performs amazing signs and wonders.
Runtime: 19m 30s