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Adventures in Booga Booga Land

Best friends Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe learn how to make better choices every day with the help of their friends through their adventures in Booga Booga Land.

26 Episodes
Series Episodes
Sothis is booga
So...This is Booga
Gerard the Giraffe travels to Booga Booga Land, where he becomes best friends with Marty...
Martys sandcastle
Marty's Sandcastle
Marty and Gerard go to carpentry school! After finally graduating, they decide to build...
No light in this lighthouse
No Light in This Lighthouse
Marty gets a bright idea to build a lighthouse for ships coming to Booga. When he...
The booga bolter
The Booga Bolter
Marty and Gerard volunteer to help Squid Sushi, the owner of a restaurant that lost a...
Squid sushi loses his marbles
Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles
Marty and Gerard collect oysters for Squid Sushi's restaurant. In the process, they...
The flaming monkey
The Flaming Monkey
Marty and Gerard start a new restaurant called "The Flaming Monkey" It becomes so popular...
Wally the waiter
Wally the Waiter
Somebody is stealing secret recipes from the cafeteria! President Bob asks Gerard and...
Scatter the seeds
Scatter the Seeds
Stan the farmer owes some cows money for a new tractor, so Marty and Gerard volunteer to...
Marty and Gerard sell their restaurant, The Flaming Monkey, and start a bakery! When...
The big booga bank
The Big Booga Bank
After starting Big Booga Bank, Marty becomes Chief of Security and Gerard becomes a teller.
The duet brothers
The Duet Brothers
In this episode, Marty and Gerard decide to become electricians and open up their own...
Clothes by marty
Clothes by Marty
After creating a mildly successful invention, Marty and Gerard decide to become tailors...
Marty and Gerard invent the 3P2C-- a pocket-sized, personalized vacuum cleaner. When they...
A booga booga christmas
A Booga Booga Christmas
The Christmas season has arrived, and Marty and Gerard are going into show business. When...
Building surfboards the slow way
Building Surfboards the Slow Way
Marty and Gerard decide to open up a surf shop, but there's a problem: Marty has...
The boojee noojee
The Boojee Noojee
Marty and Gerard find themselves stranded on a desert island after falling off Mr. Guudsaw'
The boofabobs face extinction
The Boofabobs Face Extinction
When Marty and Gerard open a pest extermination company, Mr. Guudsaw stops by to ask for...
Slam moves to booga
Slam Moves to Booga
After Marty and Gerard start a successful delivery service, Polly asks them to pick up a...
The runaway dog
The Runaway Dog
After getting upset, Rufus the dog runs away from home. Marty and Gerard find Rufus at a...
Cows in the court
Cows in the Court
Marty and Gerard decide to become supreme court justices! After finishing school, they...
Conquering mt neverbin climbed
Conquering Mt. Neverbin Climbed
Marty and Gerard decide to become mountain climbers. Stan and Rufus ask the two friends...
The amazing gaboochi
The Amazing Gaboochi
After becoming inventors, Marty and Gerard create the Mag-No-Mop, a mess cleaner that's...
Soccer splits
Soccer Splits
Marty and Gerard decide to become professional soccer players and try out for the Booga...
Get s marty
Get S-Marty
Marty and Gerard decide to become security guards. President Bob is about to compete...
The booganut tree
The Booganut Tree
Marty and Gerard decide to become forest rangers. When the guys hear that President Bob...
Holiday hilarity
Holiday Hilarity
Marty and Gerard decide to become comedians and quickly become popular in Booga. Their...
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