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Twin siblings Jason and Michelle discover penguin figurines that come to life. They travel the world and outer space learning important biblical and moral lessons with their four... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
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I Scream, You Scream - 1 of 20
Jason and Michelle are trapped on the Penguin’s ship after they find the Galeezel device broken. Fidgel reveals that they must find his old assistant, Bert the Hamster, for only... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
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The Green-Eyed Monster - 2 of 20
The Penguins visit a small planet populated by two factions of sheep, each of whom want to conquer the other side.
Runtime: 23m 04s
321 penguins ep 03 preview image
Lazy Daze - 3 of 20
The kids and Penguin Crew decide to take an undeserved break from their work and have a picnic on Rigel-13. When the gang finds themselves set upon by giant 20 foot tall ants,... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
More is more
More is More - 4 of 20
When the Penguins are sent to Planet Gutt to investigate a problem, they discover that the entire planet has become addicted to the breakfast cereal Sugar Frosted Black Holes. Can... Read More
Runtime: 23m 24s
Give and let give
Give and Let Give - 5 of 20
The crew heads up a mission to a planet of garden gnomes and plastic flamingos who are feuding over water rights. With the planet's dam set to burst and destroy everything,... Read More
Runtime: 23m 27s
Practical hoax
Practical Hoax - 6 of 20
Jason and Michelle set off a series of practical jokes onboard the ship, none of which are funny to their victims. The crew is asked to act as substitute teachers at the Academy.... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
Comedy of errors
Comedy of Errors - 7 of 20
Jason volunteers himself as a stand-up comedian, but he gets his material by making fun of his friends. Jason must decide whether to continue on his new career path or make... Read More
Runtime: 23m 04s
Compassion crashin
Compassion Crashin' - 8 of 20
Michelle is feeling down. Jason and the Penguin Crew try to cheer her up, but only succeed in making her feel worse. When the gang crash lands on an asteroid, Michelle is made... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
Wiki tiki
Wiki Tiki - 9 of 20
The Penguins are called to the island planet of Wiki Tiki, which is in danger of being engulfed by a volcano. Distracted, they set to work too quickly without doing enough research. Read More
Runtime: 23m 09s
Invasion of the body swappers
Invasion of the Body Swappers! - 10 of 20
Michelle is troubled, feeling like she isn't pretty. She and Jason join the Penguin crew as they head to a convention where Zidgel is set to deliver a speech. Through a bizarre... Read More
Runtime: 23m 01s
Git along little doggies
Git Along Little Doggies! - 11 of 20
Jason & Michelle help the Penguins crew with a Cattle drive on Planet Roo-Tin Toot-Tin. Seems most of the herd has come up missing. But the trail boss, WILD BILL QUASAR, is... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
Wise guys
Wise Guys - 12 of 20
Jason gets a time machine, but he doesn't want to listen to the advice from his elders on how to make it work. Because of a glitch, they crash land on a planet populated by three... Read More
Runtime: 23m 04s
Hogs and kisses
Hogs and Kisses - 13 of 20
Jason is feeling put upon by everyone. It seems he is being criticized at every turn, so he runs away... only to be encountered by Cavitus. Cavitus tries to lure Jason to the dark... Read More
Runtime: 23m 02s
12 angry hens
12 Angry Hens - 14 of 20
Passing judgment too quickly leads the crew to trouble. A comedic courtroom drama set in a futuristic chicken coop: Gizmoid the Fox versus the chickens! Zidgel keeps passing... Read More
Runtime: 23m 03s
Kennel club blues
Kennel Club Blues - 15 of 20
The Penguins are called to help find the lost pet for the emperor of Planet Kennel. Michelle discovers the little animal, but when she returns it, she discovers that his life is... Read More
Runtime: 23m 00s
Oh mercy
Oh Mercy! - 16 of 20
Jason and Zidgel deliver a Crown Jewel to the Gator King of Mercy-Falls. But when they accidentally break it to smitherines, they are thrown in prison. They plead for mercy; it... Read More
Runtime: 23m 01s
Promises promises
Promises, Promises - 17 of 20
The Penguins take Michelle to Planet “Cross Your Heart.” They find a little alien girl who promised to keep her finger in a dam that holds back an ocean of grape soda, but also... Read More
Runtime: 22m 59s
Do unto brothers
Do Unto Brothers - 18 of 20
Jason and Michelle are having one of their regular tiffs, treating each other tit for tat. Grandmum reminds them that they are a team and should help each other out, for “two are... Read More
Runtime: 23m 00s
Between an asteroid and a hard place
Between an Asteroid and a Hard Place - 19 of 20
Cavitus attacks the Penguin ship with his newest weapon (a glue ray), but something goes wrong and Cavitus and Michelle end up trapped in a hollow asteroid together. Naturally,... Read More
Runtime: 23m 00s
In the big house
In the Big House - 20 of 20
The Penguins find a spaceship stranded. Investigating the matter, they find that the ship is drained of all power and the Cow inhabitants need more fuel. But not just any fuel -... Read More
Runtime: 23m 02s