Our Promise to Parents
At JellyTelly we provide a family-and-faith-friendly entertainment experience rich in substance.
One that encourages kids to pursue a life of faith, a relationship with God, and the redemptive mission in the world.

We provide content that supports a life of faith in 4 key areas

  1. Builds and encourages knowledge of God and the Bible
  2. Illustrates faith in action by the living out of the fruit of the spirit
  3. Stories that show caring for our neighbors and all of God’s creation
  4. Helping kids live faithful lives in a skeptical world

We also believe it’s vital to provide safe entertainment that inspires kids, honors their intelligence and ability to learn, makes them laugh, and encourages their own creativity.

What you see on JellyTelly

Our team of experts in christian kids and family media have watched and tested everything that’s available to your family to ensure that it supports and reflects our promise to you, our JellyTelly Parents.

How We Decide What is on JellyTelly

We take each show or game through a series of rigorous reviews by our experts. While reviewing, we assess each video based on the following:

  • Jesus & the Christian Worldview

  • That the shows and games on JellyTelly reflect Christian values, representing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a way consistent with Scripture and they reflect the widely held mainstream Christian theological views and Biblical accuracy.

  • Respectful Relationships and Situations

  • Parents and grown-ups are respected and portrayed as competent leaders. We’re not fans of the “smart kid/dumb parent” story line so prevalent in mainstream kids media today. We want humor that the whole family can enjoy. We value stories that are respectful with language and tone in the treatment of race, gender and denominational differences.

  • Quality of the production and story

  • Christian children’s media has come a long way but has also been enjoyed for more than 25 years! We occasionally choose substance over style with the classic shows we highlight on JellyTelly as the teaching is so relevant and powerful today. We curate the highest quality shows that communicate with creativity and depth but remain age-appropriate for the learning levels of children.