Wednesday - Easter Week 5 Minute Family Devotional

by Melanie Rainer on April 17, 2019

 Take your kids on a journey all the way back to Exodus to learn about the first Passover and how it relates to Jesus' death and resurrection in this Jellytelly 5 Minute Family devotional. Stream the entire Easter Week Devotional series on Jellytelly.

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Looking for additional resources to share during your devotional time? Here are a few ideas we've pulled together:

1. Read the Bible story here: Exodus 12:1-17

2. Share these additional discussion questions:

  • The Israelites were slaves in Egypt when the Passover happened. They had been waiting for God to deliver them out of slavery, but Pharaoh kept saying “no” when Moses asked. How do you think it would have felt to wait on God?
  • Sometimes, God asks his people to wait on him to act. And we can all be very impatient! Can you think of a time you were waiting on God to answer a prayer? (Parents, this is a great opportunity to share a story from your faith journey. Being open about your faith with your kids will help them see what life with God is really like!)

3. Download a Passover coloring page here



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Connect with us!