TuneTime: 13 New Episodes Now on JellyTelly

by Anne Fogerty on June 19, 2017

Today we’ve added another 13 new episodes of TuneTime to JellyTelly - that means there are 39 total episodes available for your preschoolers to watch now! 

If you haven’t watched TuneTime yet, check out our introductory post here.

And be sure to download TuneTime coloring pages to take the fun offscreen here

While watching TuneTime, your preschoolers will learn lessons like:

  • God Loves Us
  • God is Good
  • God is Always With Us
  • God Makes Us Special
  • Jesus is Awesome!

The TuneTime gang will also get your kids dancing and sings to songs like:

  • Wonderfully Made
  • Good Day to Dance
  • What’s That Sound
  • I Can Say Hello

And in each new episode of TuneTime, there’s a Bible story! 

Check out some preview clips from the new episodes below, and watch all of the full episodes on JellyTelly today - your first week is free!


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