Old Testament Heroes - 5 Minute Family Devotional Plan

by Melanie Rainer on July 18, 2016


We've created 25 video devotionals that will take your family on a journey through the Old Testament, learning how God worked through some of our favorite Bible stories. We can learn so much from the heroes of the Bible! Some of them are unlikely heroes – ordinary and flawed people who God uses in extraordinary ways to move forward His great plan. This video devotional plan will uncover some of your favorite Bible characters and encourage you to see how God worked through them – and think about how God is working through you! 

Here are some of the major themes and takeaways your family will learn with the Old Testament Heroes plan:


  • God is always with us
  • God keeps his promises 
  • God is faithful 
  • God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things 
  • God provides


The Old Testament Heroes devotional plan features videos from the What's in the Bible? series. Each video devotional is 5 minutes and includes a Bible verse, video clip, discussion questions and a prayer prompt. Each one also has a companion blog post with a coloring page as well as more ideas for discussion and prayer, if you want to dive even deeper together! 

We pray this journey helps bring your family closer to God and each other! If you have feedback, ideas or questions about the 5 Minute Family Devotional, reach out to us on Facebook - we'd love to hear from you!  

To watch, click on a devotional title below: 


  1. Adam: Made in God's Image
  2. Noah: God Remembered Noah
  3. Abraham: God Made 3 Promises
  4. Abraham and Isaac: God was Faithful to his Promise
  5. Joseph: God Was With Joseph
  6. Moses: God Helped Moses
  7. Joshua: God Was Always With Him
  8. The Judges: God Sent Helpers to Israel
  9. Ruth and Naomi: God Provided a Redeemer
  10. Samuel: God Spoke Through Him
  11. Saul: God Rejected Him as King
  12. David: God Made Him a Promise
  13. Solomon: God Made Him Wise
  14. Jeroboam & Rehoboam: God Split Israel in Two
  15. Elijah: God Proved He is Real
  16. Isaiah: God Sent Him
  17. Cyrus: God Sent His People Home
  18. Ezra: God Did Not Leave His People
  19. Nehemiah: God Gave His People Strength
  20. Esther: God Made Her Queen
  21. Job: God Gives and Takes Away
  22. Ezekiel: God Warned His People
  23. Jeremiah: God Promises a New Covenant
  24. Jonah: God Sent Him
  25. Daniel: God Protected Him


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