Noah: Old Testament Heroes - 5 Minute Family Devotional

by Melanie Rainer on May 24, 2016

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Read the Bible story here: Genesis 7:1-20 

Download a Noah coloring page here.

The story of Noah is really tricky! While most kids think of fluffy animals and rainbows, the real catalyst for the ark is a difficult subject - God flooded the world. Everyone except for Noah and his family died. Woah!

Here’s a place to start if your kids are old enough to talk about the difficult parts of Noah’s story:

God saved Noah and his family, but everyone else died in the flood. That’s really hard to think about! Why did God send a flood? What does this tell us about God’s holiness?

God flooded the world because he was so angry at all of the sin. But what we know is that at the end of the story, God promised he would never flood the world again. Instead, he would send his own son - Jesus - to pay the price for everyone’s sin, forever.

When God chose Noah, God was giving us a glimpse of his goodness and grace. Noah was a righteous man - he tried not to sin, he obeyed and loved God. And so God saved him. And we know that God will save us!

So what the story of Noah teaches us is that God really, REALLY doesn’t like sin, and it keeps his people away from him. But through Jesus, we can be forgiven and loved by God in spite of our sin, because Jesus has paid the price for it - and one day we will live with God forever!

For more helpful hints on talking to your kids about Noah, JellyTelly recommends these resources:

The Bible Story Handbook by John Walton and Kim Walton

Noah and the Ark by Brian Dembowczyk from The Gospel Project Blog

Additional Prayer:

Developing a weekly or daily rhythm of prayer with your children can be a powerful thing for them and for you as well. Prayer is a time to be quiet to talk with God, to thankfully reflect on what he has given to you, and to ask for His presence and help where you may need him, and to lift up other friends and family who may need him too. Here are few ideas for praying together as a family.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life! We give thanks to you for it, and especially for the new life you have promised us in Jesus.

Today we thank you for …

  • The love of our families
  • The friendships you have given us
  • The neighborhood and town in which we live

Today we want to pray for …

  • Our family, friends and neighbors
  • Homeless people in our city
  • Friends that we are not as close to any more (can you think of a friend who moved away or switched schools who you would like to pray for?)

Connecting as a Family

Take time to reflect on your day, asking each member of the family to answer these questions. How do the answers shape your prayers?

  • What did you feel good about today?
  • Did anything difficult happen or cause you to feel disappointed?

Pray as a family.


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Connect with us!