Job: Old Testament Heroes - 5 Minute Family Devotional

by Melanie Rainer on July 05, 2016

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Read the Bible story here: Job 42:1-6

Download a coloring page of Job here.

More Questions for Your Family:

Job is one of the hardest stories in the Bible, for adults or for kids to understand. The temptation may be to just skip right over it because it’s hard, and the reality is we don’t understand. We don’t know why bad things happen to people who love God. But it’s important to not gloss over or skip this story, or focus on how Job got everything back in the end. This is an excellent opportunity to be vulnerable with your kids, to share with them that even though we don’t know what God is doing all the time, we know that He is good.

In What’s in the Bible? Volume 8: Words to Make Us Wise (available to stream on JellyTelly), Phil Vischer explains it this way:

“Job is an epic poem. We believe God inspired the author to take the story of Job - who we believe was a real person - and weave it into this amazing poem with scenes in heaven and dramatic poetic lines spoken by the characters. Like most poetry in the Bible, we need to focus not on the details, but on the lesson BEHIND the details. So what is being taught through the story of Job? Was the author trying to teach us about “secret meetings” in heaven between God and Satan? No. God is inspiring the author of Job to teach us that he is in control, and there is much more going on than we can see or understand. God is teaching us to TRUST him. Even when we’re suffering. Even when bad things happen. And he chose to do so through a big, fancy poem!:

One story you could share with your children is that of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue in Daniel 3. Right before they were thrown in, they proclaimed they believed that their God would save them … but even if he didn’t, they would never bow to the idol Nebuchadnezzar had demanded. (Daniel 3:16-18)

Many people have paraphrased that verse to say - but if not, He is still good. As Christians, this is the hope we have in the face of all trials, all heartbreak, all fear. God is still good, all the time.

Pray as a family, asking God to give you the faith to believe that He is still good, all of the time.

Additional Prayer:

Here are a few ideas for praying together as a family! Prayer is an important part of our life with God, and these questions are a great place to start developing a rhythm of prayer in your family.

  1. Have a quiet moment and remember that God is there with you!
  2. Look back over what happened today – where were you? Home? School? Church?
  3. What were the high points of your day? What made you happy today? Did you make someone else happy today? Talk to God and thank him for those things!
  4. What were the low points of your day? Did anything make you sad? Did you make anyone sad? Remember that God loves you very much and you are so important to God and nothing changes that but you can talk to God about those things.
  5. Think about tomorrow – Ask God to be with your family into the next day and to help you know that he is with you in all things.

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